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[:en]Swedish summer: Båstad[:]

[:en]Swedish summer: Båstad[:]

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[:en]It’s highly arguable where Swedish summer is spent most enjoyably, but if you ask me there are basically two options: the archipelago in my home town Stockholm which is just incredible and a must visit for any summertime tourist and then there’s the coastline close to where I live now in the south of Sweden.
So first off is the summer retreat of Båstad. It’s a quaint little town in Skåne (Scania if you prefer) that bursts with tourists (mainly from Stockholm) during the summer. It’s known for it’s great beaches and beautiful surroundings, the Swedish Open Tennis Tournament which attracts names like Serena Williams and Hugh Grant (the latter not as a player, but he has a house there), but most of all it’s exclusive and jet setty night life.

I spent the day with my beloved friend, Renata, who has a summer house in this hedonistic paradise of beautiful people. I was just going to have a quick coffee with her but ended up spending all day with her and some friends as there was this thing called Brazilian Week going on which had its finale on Sunday. It includes lots of uhh, Brazilians, capoeira, samba, and all things Brazilian (even waxing I assume). However I didn’t part take that much in the capoeira action going on, but instead had an insanely tasty dinner with Fegge and Edna who are founders and owners of the best night club in town (Pepe’s Bodega) as well as the gorgeous restaurant Papas where we enjoyed an incredible meal while watching the sun set.

Båstad7Poached witch with cicelyflavored cucumber, Sandefjord sauce, Vannamei shrimps fried with garlic & Pommes duchesse.

Båstad4 Fresh strawberries served with elderflower curd, sorbet, white chocolate mousse & vanilla dreams.