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Mondrian London

Mondrian London


As all travels, you start with where you’re staying. Hence my journey through the European fashion weeks for men begins at my hotel in London (which also marked the beginning for the fashion month). Choosing a hotel in London is not an easy task, I’d say rather impossible, especially during fashion week when everything even semi affordable is booked in advance. The bottom line is: you get what you pay for. I’ve stayed in so many hotels in London that despite a great location and nice looking pictures on their website are down right crappy with mould on the walls and what not. As for Mondrian London, it is not the cheapest option out there, but for sure my favorite one so far in London.

My room had a lovely river view over the Thames and was spacious equipped with views over St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Bridge, etc., I literally sat in that window soaking it in for ages. Mondrian London is within walking distance of landmarks such as Tate Modern, Royal Festival Hall, the National and Globe theatres, as well as Borough Market and the London Eye. Despite that I didn’t have time for my visit to Tate Modern this time as my schedule was a bit too hectic.

One thing haunting me through fashion weeks has been Shawn Mendes. I think he’s been stalking me, or then it’s the other way around, but whatever city I was in during fashion weeks for men, he was there. It began here in London where we stayed on the same floor at Mondrian London and the funny part is that the ever so loyal fangirls (and fanboys) outside the hotel thought I was part of his entourage as they asked me if I could take them to his room. I courteously said he was busy at the moment. I might however have knocked on every door on the floor during my nights there, but no luck so far…

The staff was so very helpful and I really felt like I got the 5 star treatment in a hotel known for mixing contemporary design with the history of the building itself. And until my photographer had finished shooting I was starving so those fruits went down pretty fast. Thankfully there are plenty of options where to dine nearby and I treated myself to a nightly visit to Tesco just to get me sweet tooth quota filled as I love those British biscuits.

Here’s a new friend I had with me on the road. It’s a new addition to the Gucci Guilty family and this is truly something else. Born out of a special collaboration between creative director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Created using a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin. Leather accord and goldenwood are custom-mixed with natural extract of the Nootka Cypress, selected especially for Gucci Guilty Absolute. The resulting scent features ultra-dry woody notes. I felt more masculine than ever wearing it, haha.

As always I do bring along my own essentials as I don’t trust even 5-star hotels have stuff good enough for me. To add a touch of London I brought along a Molton Brown Body Wash, but for those hot days I also took with me some new products from the Swedish company Recipe for Men which are really worth checking out as they bring the brewery concept into beauty and are all natural. Quite intriguing if you ask me and darn, still feel so masculine while typing this. Of course Rituals is always with me as an essential wherever I go and their body butter is such a night time treat to apply before going to bed.

If you’ve had the unpleasant experience of waking up with me, you’ll know it’s an impossible task to make me utter anything else than a grunt for two hours. If I wake at 8 am, I might be mentally awake at around 10 am, if you’re lucky. This comfy bed made me want to stay in it for quite some time, but my schedule basically forced me up at 7 am every day.

There’s nothing to wake you up like a hot shower though. I know some prefer it cold, but that would just basically give me a heart attack and wouldn’t further the cause of me waking up. I do love rainforest showers and don’t know how people even showered before they were introduced some years ago. As for nudity, this is as far as I go, although my photographer has some way more nude images on his rolls… But that’s for my eyes only, if he doesn’t want to make a quick buck that is. As for Mondrian London? Thumbs up for first class service, amazing rooms and a great location close to basically everything. If I’ll stay here again? Most certainly. Up next are outfit posts as well as a recap of London Fashion Week Men’s, so keep your eyes open.

Photographer: Ira Giorgetti


  1. Mariann yip
    Wednesday June 28th, 2017 at 10:17 PM

    So glad you had a great experience! I definitely think a nice hotel makes the trip memorable 🙂 I miss London and can’t wait to visit soon!

  2. Anthony @oh_anthonio
    Wednesday June 28th, 2017 at 10:32 PM

    The Mondrian in LA and NYC is super chic so I’m not surprised that the same is true in London! Hope you’ve enjoyed your fashion weeks so far!

  3. Gina Diaz
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 03:39 AM

    The Mondrian is such a great hotel! the have one here in Miami and I love it! they have the coolest pool parties :)) I’m so glad you had an amazing time in the one in London. Your photography as always is so wonderful!

    xx. Gina

  4. Kallie
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 05:16 AM

    Oh I have not been to London, but I am hoping to plan a trip soon! This hotel looks so good, I’m adding it to my the list I’ve started for a London trip!

  5. Bernice
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 05:46 AM

    This hotel looks like the perfect getaway from the rainy London weather! I stayed in a different hotel but this sound perfect for my next visit!

  6. kileen
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 05:48 PM

    How funny about Shawn Mendes! The view is amazing!

    cute & little

  7. Samjah
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 05:52 PM

    Thomas you’re so funny! I can picture you knocking on every door on your floor! Lol. This hotel is definitely fit for a king like yourself. That bed immediately made me sleepy and I wanted to fall into it! I’m not a morning person either and a bed like that would make me even more so a sleepy head in the morning. Hope you’re enjoying your travel! Can’t wait for the recap on the fashion you see!

  8. Lady Goldapple
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 09:00 PM

    I must confess I’m a bit of a fan myself from Shawn Mendes, love his music and he’s cute. The hotel looks comfortable and a view on the Themes is always nice. And oehhh, Gucci Guilty, me like! Can’t wait for all your stories and fashion, Charissa

  9. Jo
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 09:44 PM

    The Mondrian sounds heavenly! Love those gorgeous minimalist interiors. A prime location too – you can’t beat a room with a view! I can’t wait to see your outfits and all the London Fashion Week action!

    xo, Jo

  10. Ana Vukosavljevic
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 11:07 PM

    This hotel looks amazing Thomas, it’s like you designed it 😀 It goes perfectly well with your personality and style. I’m super excited to see your looks from fashion week!

    P.S. I looooved photography in this post, it’s outstanding!! And you are glowing <3

  11. Bryanna
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 at 11:42 PM

    Can I live your life? haha. Traveling to all the fashion weeks and checking out the coolest hotels; you seriously have the coolest life! As for the waking up schedule, I’m totally in the same boat as you. Don’t talk till me till I’m talking to you haha. P.S. I can’t wait for your fashion week outfit posts!

    xoxo Bryanna

  12. Gracie
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 03:12 AM

    Thomas besides Paris, London is one of my favorite cities. I have been so lucky to travel abroad quite a. It for my age. The Mandrian London looks incredible. Looks like you had a great time.


  13. Jen
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 05:31 AM

    Wow the Mondrian looked first class indeed! I love the view and the clean interior of the hotel. I wish I could run into Shawn Mendez. Hahaha, I have seen and serviced quite a bit of celebrities while living here in LA. It’s always so fun!

  14. Christine Kong
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 07:39 AM

    There is a Mondrian in LA here and it’s a beautiful hotel so I am not surprised that there is one in London that is just as fabulous. The view from your room is so amazing. I love that extra large window and seating at the sill so you can take in the views. The room is so spacious and that marble bathroom with amazing waterfall shower looks so relaxing. I can’t believe you were on the same floor as Shawn Mendes! How exciting!!! Everything about this hotel is what I look for when staying at places and I would definitely stay here if I were to come to London. xoxo, Christine

  15. Jessie
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 10:55 AM

    Love the Mondrian London Hotel. Love the minimal and stylish interior design of the hotel and the room looks so spacious! I’ve noticed that most of the hotels in London have tiny rooms, and it is such a luxury to have spacious rooms in London! That waterfall shower is amazing!!! Definitely a good way to relax before bed time!

    xx, Jessie

  16. Open Kloset
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    Hey Thomas
    Hows you?
    The Mondrian London Hotel Looks Nice, Love the Room and the View is Stunning:)
    Super cool that you were in the same floor where Shawn Mendes:)
    That Marble Bathroom So Fancy:)
    Can’t wait to seee more about your Fashion Week experience:) Super Excited:)
    Wish you Happy Friday
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  17. Gabriela Vera
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 12:50 PM

    It looks nice in London, and this hotel is nice. The room looks so cozy and peaceful. I can’t wait to see more outfit pictures!

    Gabriela Vera

  18. Stephanie
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 01:34 PM

    I couldn’t stop laughing about Shawn Mendes. I watched your Instagram stories and saw the stalking situation there and thought it was hilarious. I would’ve been pretty excited to stay in the same hotel as him. He seems really cool – but I may have been more excited to find out I stayed in the same hotel as you, because you’re obviously way cooler 😉 I love the look of this hotel, and the bed sounds like the place to be haha. That view also sounds spectacular. One day I’ll visit London … one day!

  19. Britta
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 02:25 PM

    Sikke et lækkert hotel! Udsigten er helt fantastisk!
    Næste gang jeg er I London vil jeg helt sikkert bo her! Indretningen er meget stilren og rolig som passer perfekt til afslapning efter en hektisk dag i byen.
    Jeg ser frem til at se mere fra London! Ser ud til du havde en fantastisk tur!

  20. Jordan Chapman
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 04:19 PM

    I’ve been dying to stay at the Mondrian on one of my London trips and hey, I may just have to in the future (maybe when Shawn Mendes is in town again)! This hotel is such a beauty and I pass it all the time when I’m in the city! I can’t wait to see your other LFWM coverage, I’m sure it’s going to be epic!
    Jordan xx

  21. Debbie Savage
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 06:08 PM

    Oh, my gosh Thomas! There is no one quite like you! I love your review of this gorgeous hotel! The beauty products for men are so cool – I definitely need to check them out for my husband. And, as far as Shawn Mendes – I am dying! What a great post!!!
    xo Debbie |

  22. Alyssa Moore
    Friday June 30th, 2017 at 09:19 PM

    I always love the way your photos come out! This hotel looks amazing! I loveee the bathroom. I am such a sucker for bathrooms! Glad you had a good time!

  23. Kristin Taylor
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 01:00 AM

    I totally agree, it’s worth it to spend a little more and stay in a place a bit luxurious. Looks like a great place to visit!

  24. Dom
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 03:19 AM

    Dear Tommy,
    HOLD UP. I have to comment about Shawn Mendes First. dang bud, you should have knocked on that door and hooked yourself up and hooked your Dom up. LOL. LUCKY YOU! And shame on Shawn for not formally introducing himself, haha. Anyways let’s get into this awesome post. I missed your posts! I’m so happy that you are back stronger than ever with an amazing post about this beautiful hotel. These photos need to be framed and put in a magazine. I swear the one of you in the bed laying down reminds me of Lorde’s album cover, lol. Anyways I loved reading about your experience at this hotel. Please try and get some rest when your Shawn Mendes fashion week world tour is over okay.
    Love, Dom

  25. Iliana Garcia
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 04:15 AM

    Hahaha I loved your instagram stories, thank you for sharing a little BTS!!

    I love these kind of posts, you can make want to get on a plain and visit all of the places you blog about. The skin care products look and sounds good. I’ll have to share them with my boyfriend. He’s been looking for new skin care products. Have you tried any of the Art of Shaving products?

    Iliana |

  26. Lana
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 07:21 AM

    I think your hotel reviews are the best! I agree with you, choosing right hotel (especially in London) is a tough mission. Most of them have nothing in common with their pictures on accommodation web-sites. I think you chose a great hotel. Love your room and the view. Also that part of the story about Shawn Mendes is so funny 🙂

  27. Sheree
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 07:57 AM

    Love the Mondrian brand, they always produce the sleek, modern and sophisticated hotels no matter what city. You would LOVE the Mondrian on Sunset, and the rooftop pool deck and bar is a crowd favorite. The London location looks clean and chic. The rain shower head is my personal favorite too, it is what I have at home and oh so heavenly. How clever you addressed the small group of fans regarding Shawn and I want to know more about this knocking on every door on your floor story. Look forward to read more about your fashion month adventure.

    ~ xo Sheree

  28. Aleksandra Ladygin
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 02:42 PM

    ooooh I’m excited now to see your looks from fashion week! Your outfits always inspire me.

    P.S seems to be great hotel! I trust your taste and will book it next time in London!

  29. Jennifer Quattrucci
    Saturday July 1st, 2017 at 06:26 PM

    Dear ( My) Tommy,
    I am completely delighted, amazed and totally fascinated by this account of your stay at the Mondrian Hotel in London. I have really missed your posts and I looked forward to seeing and hearing a glimpse of your experiences. Between Shawn Mendes, the enormous and gorgeous view outside the hotel, the description of your beauty/ skin care routine it’s all just fabulous! I just wish I was there and I can’t wait to hear and see more!! You are most definitely being well taken care of at the Mondrian Hotel and I’m really happy to hear it !
    Your Jenny

  30. Samantha Mariko
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 01:13 AM

    Welcome back Thomas!! I hope you enjoyed all the Fashion Weeks you went to 🙂 The Mondrian London looks like a fabulous place to stay and I also appreciate it when hotel staff are very hospitable and nice because in my opinion that is just as important as the room itself. That’s crazy Shawn Mendes was staying at the same hotel haha! And omg I love Gucci Guilty, I use the Intense one and it’s my absolute favorite 🙂 Can’t wait to read more Fashion Week posts!

  31. Candace
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 05:01 AM

    It’s always nice to attend events and have a hotel that’s so convenient to everything, such as Mondrian London. And I agree, you definitely get what you pay for and that includes amenities, service and everything else. I am dying laughing at your Shawn Mendes story. It must have been fate that you kept running into him, haha!

  32. Jo
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 01:42 PM

    I am so excited to read this blog post as I have been patiently waiting while you were away for fashion week’s tour! Mondrian Hotel London looks fabulous and thank you so much for such a detailed review and stunning captures of their hotel room! If I travel to London next time, I would definitely consider Mondrian Hotel. And how classy is that Gucci Guilty bottle? Oh and that Shawn Mendes, he was lucky to stay in the same hotel with you in my option :). By the way someone is still wondering why you weren’t able to take a picture with him haha. Can’t wait to read more of your fashion week’s posts!!


  33. Helen Chik
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 06:50 PM

    I can’t believe I still haven’t been to London and I’m freaking 27! Actually I did a few hour stop over at Gatwick (which doesn’t count) but the next time I’m actually in town, I’ll need to check out the Mondrian. I love how the fans thought you were part of Shawn Mendes’ entourage – too funny!

    The view looks amazing and I’m totally a sucker for a roomy, modern hotel room. Hope the rest of London was as amazing as the hotel xx

    Helen xx

  34. Eliza
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 07:42 PM

    Oh yeah, I know that struggle so well. Find a good hotel during the fashion week can be quite a deal. However, I’d say you found a perfect one with a rather nice location and very cosy at the same time. And you had a great working area, which is important for us, bloggers. All in all, I hope it was a pleasant experience so far.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  35. Coco
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 08:58 PM

    Dear Thomas, I love your hotel reviews, as they always include the beauty products section 🙂 Mondrian truly looks like an excellent option, both for the looks of its bedroom and bathroom, and for the amazing view you could enjoy from there. This new fragrance by Gucci actually looks very masculine as you say. Its dark color suggests it’s super dry and with smoked wood notes. How fun about Shawn Mendes! Loves and loves, Valeria

  36. Vanessa Berlin
    Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at 09:15 PM

    Wow, this is great. I find it awesome that you attended the fashion week for men, must have been amazing! I couldn’t agree more, I remember going with my family to London a few years ago, truly impossible to find a place to stay. But I can say that you got a really nice location and it looks great. If I go to London anytime soon, I’ll definetely take this hotel into consideration, hopefully Shawn Mendes will be there! Thank you for sharing your experience, I enjoyed reading about it!

  37. Jacqueline
    Tuesday July 4th, 2017 at 12:30 AM

    You always have a great sense of humor! Haha loved this post and I love the Mondrian! The one in LA is awesome so I can only imagine the service was amazing in London! As for the cologne, Gucci Guilty smells seriously amazing! I need to come visit London and check it out! And I’m also the same. It takes me FOREVER to wake up haha. Guess we have that in common

  38. Rosita Chávez
    Tuesday July 4th, 2017 at 05:08 AM

    Wow! Looks like a really nice hotel! Definitely going to consider it for my next trip to London!
    Rosita Chávez

  39. Rosita Chávez
    Tuesday July 4th, 2017 at 05:08 AM

    Wow! Looks like a really nice hotel! Definitely going to consider it for my next trip to London!
    Rosita Chávez

  40. Michelle
    Tuesday July 4th, 2017 at 11:00 AM

    LOL your adventures always make me smile. I probably would have knocked on every door looking for Shawn as well. The Mondrian is just gorgeous! I love those large modern rooms! Sounds like the perfect retreat from fashion week!

  41. Tandya
    Wednesday July 5th, 2017 at 04:04 AM

    I hope you are enjoying fashion week so far! The Mondrian hotels are gorgeous, and it looks like the London one did not disappoint! The view looks spectacular and sounds like it is in a great location. I love St. Paul’s cathedral! Next time, if you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out. It’s so beautiful! Also, good luck on your Shawn Mendes hunt!


  42. Diana
    Wednesday July 5th, 2017 at 02:08 PM

    Fashion Weeks are always fun and adventurous. The Mondrian hotel sounds such a wonderful place to stay during the busiest time of the year. London is my list to visit and of course to see during FW season. It is so crazy that Shawn Mendes stays in same places, maybe it is a sign.

  43. Katya Bychkova
    Thursday July 6th, 2017 at 03:00 AM

    Thomas you are so lucky as you always stay in the mot luxurious hotels out there!! Mondrian London looks so high-end and so chic! Wow I’m so happy for you! When it comes to skincare I also always bring my own stuff – even if it’s a luxury hotel. Just to be sure I have what I need!

  44. Lily Rose
    Thursday July 6th, 2017 at 04:11 AM

    Mondrian London looks so nice Thomas. I’ve never been to London but will keep this hotel in mind. I love the view from your window and that rain forest shower looks divine. I was going to say the last shot is a bit special today and then I read the paragraph about the photographer. Haha I hope Ira had fun.
    And lastly, could we talk about how you stayed in the same hotel as Shawn Mendes??? Like shut up! I would have stalked the crap out of him and knocked on every door until I find his room lol!!!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  45. Natalia k
    Thursday July 6th, 2017 at 06:13 AM

    Mondrian London looks like a great place to stay I’m loving that mirror lighting as sometimes even the best hotels don’t have descent lighting to do your makeup with not that you would have that issue.
    Sorry to say maybe I’m too old or not with the times but I have no idea who Shawn Mendes is? I might just have to look this up lol.I know what your saying about bathroom amenities this so important, I love Molton Brown too absolutely Devine.Your photographer did such a great job of the shots I love the one of you at the window sill so moody,the sleeping one is cheeky and the shower one is really classy and shows of the great bathroom.
    Natalia k

  46. Jenn Hanft
    Friday July 7th, 2017 at 01:42 AM

    You picked an amazing place to stay! The Mondrian London looks like one hell of a place. The interior of the room, that view, and bathroom goals for sure!!!!!! It’s also insane that you were on the same floor as Shawn Mendes. Too bad you didn’t get a casual run in with him. It would have been nice to think he possibly would have serenaded you hehe. Hope you’re enjoying fashion week!!!!

    With love, Jenn

  47. Ria
    Friday July 7th, 2017 at 05:53 AM

    You always get what you pay for. I love the Mondrian here in Miami, this one looks great too. Lol at the Shawn fan girls lol. That happened to me during fashion week with a Jonas brother. Can’t remember which because I can’t tell them apart lol. That Gucci bottle looked like alcohol for a second and I had to double take on whose blog I was on. Hope you’re having the best time. <3

  48. Sharon Wu
    Monday July 10th, 2017 at 05:32 PM

    wow the mondrian london looks like PARADISE! just when i thought your hotel stays couldn’t get any better too! it’s amazing how you were staying on the same floor as shawn mendes :O it woulda been incredible to get a photo with him! xo, sharon

  49. Aimara
    Tuesday July 11th, 2017 at 01:24 PM

    Tom, this hotel looks amazing and I love all the photos!
    I’ve never been to London, but I totally know what you’re talking about. Hotels in major european cities can be super expensive if they are good! But the Mondrian seems to have the perfect balance. This room is beautiful and that rainforest shower is to die for!
    Also, lucky you for staying on the same floor as Shawn! I think he was chasing you hahaha so funny!
    Thanks for sharing friend!

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