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Skin Care Tips You Should Try At Least Once

Skin Care Tips You Should Try At Least Once

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According to Reader’s Digest, men produce twice as much sweat and oil as women do. And although studies show that women are more prone to adult acne and breakouts, that’s not an excuse for men to take their skin for granted. The same article notes that men also shave an average of 16,000 times in their lifetime, which makes their skin more prone to irritation and over-exfoliation—all the more reason to grab that bottle of moisturiser. When it comes to the effects of sunlight on the skin, men are hit the hardest. So to prevent further damage to your skin, it’s about time you start your own skin care routine. Here are some of the tips you should at least try once:

Borrow your girlfriend’s cleanser

If you have a girlfriend or wife, you can learn a lot by how much time she spends cleansing her face. The Standard suggests you borrow her bottle of ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser and use it frequently. It has a pleasant gel texture that is easy to apply, and it has pumpkin enzymes that gently exfoliates and removes dirt and impurities from your face. It may sound like something you won’t want to try, but trust us when we say it could change your morning routine.

Get a spa treatment

Spas aren’t just for the ladies. A stressed mind and body can lead to skin problems so it is best to give yourself some tender, loving care, too. Video journalist Chris Rickett who had never been to a spa in his life talked to Metro about his experience. He said: “A lava shell treatment sounded too intimate—enough to make my neck and shoulders knot. And getting comfortable would be out of my comfort zone.” But as he proceeded with the treatment, he found it quite enjoyable and refreshing. So if you’ve been feeling stressed lately, maybe it’s time to head to the spa—or at least give it a try just this once. It will do wonders for your skin and overall health, and you never know you may become a fan.

Put on a face mask

Men frequently suffer from acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and oily skin. Face masks can help you get rid of those. There are masks specifically made for men, which can help you get cleaner, healthier, and younger-looking skin. A charcoal mud mask is recommended for first time mask users as it is made from natural ingredients, it’s easy to use, and it’s okay for all skin types. This type of mask can help draw out toxins and oils.

Pay attention to your hands and feet

If you have callouses and discolouration on your feet, feet masks are one of the best ways to get rid of them. Bustle points out that you may find it weird and gross if it’s your first time, but when you’re walking around with smooth feet, you’ll get used to the idea. However, if you do use it, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you don’t peel it off on your own. Pretty Me warns that you shouldn’t peel the skin yourself, as “premature peeling can lead to bleeding and leave your skin vulnerable since it hasn’t developed enough to act as a protective layer against infection”. Most masks are applied to the foot like socks—you just put them on, and take them off after a set time. In a few days, you’ll see dead skin peeling off, leaving you with smooth, crack-free feet.

We recognise the importance of skin care for men. If you are heading to a colder climate in the future, check out our post Winter Skincare Routine With ManCave. It will help keep your skin feeling fresh no matter the climate.