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Top Shoes For Summer

Top Shoes For Summer


[:en]Summer is almost here, and it’s time to get your summer wardrobe ready. One of the most essential parts of your summer wardrobe is your shoes. With the heat it’s possible that your feet could swell, often you won’t want to be wearing socks, you could be going to the beach and walking on sand, so you need footwear that not only looks good but is comfy and practical for the summer. Stocking up on sandals and low-top sneakers now mean you’ll be ready to hit the ground running come summer, check out hype dc for some inspiration or check out this list from waterproof slides to espadrilles, here are the best shoes to get you through the summer in style.

Always a winner, Havaianas can be worn at the beach or by the pool and there’s nothing better to have on your feet than these comfortable flip-flops.

More acceptable than flops: Birkenstocks are waterproof, so they’re a sure bet around water but look a lot smarter and more of a sturdy shoe so you can wear them when you still want something comfortable to slip on, but you’re not going to the beach or pool.

Adidas Sliders
Adidas slides are a fantastic summer shoe – and they always will be. Not only are they comfy and easy to slide on but they are stylish too and look good with almost anything.

Canvas Converse are great, but suede ones are pretty cool too. Converse come in all different colours and materials; you can find something to suit your taste. High-top Chuck Taylors are always going to be in style as well so get a new pair to start the season fresh.

Suitable for outdoor workouts and beyond. If you want to embrace that laid-back spring vibe fully, go with a pair of Vans sneakers worn by every California surfer and skater since the dawn of time, And if you’re a high-tops only kind of guy, Blazers are a great way to incorporate just a smidge of colour into your look.

Desert Boot
When it comes to shoes for the hot weather shoes, these have it right in the title. Initially made for British soldiers when they were in the desert, the desert boot is a menswear staple that can be dressed up or down, and worn with or without socks. They’re pretty much the perfect and the all-around summer shoe.

Slip-on Sneakers
Ditch the boat shoes for some on-trend slip-on sneakers instead. They’re just as easy to slide on to your feet, and you’ll look beach-ready. Summer sneakers are excellent, and they give you an especially welcome opportunity to branch out into the world of non-white neutrals.

Summer style is all about cutting back – less is more, and nothing is more pared-back than minimalist leather kicks.

Loafers are the ideal summer shoe for more formal occasions, so if you’ve got any weddings coming up then you’re sorted, they got great with suits so worry about that bit, every wedding outfit accounted for when it comes to the shoes.

Espadrilles are the ultimate chill-out shoe and are at their very best when paired with a linen suit and a refreshing rum cocktail. Espadrilles are another one that probably won’t go out of style now. They are a comfortable staple shoe which looks great with any casual outfit as well as being suitable for your feet as they let them breathe in the heat.

Remember to look after your feet during the summer, wearing sandals and walking around in barefoot can be harsh on your feet so make sure you exfoliate your feet regularly with an exfoliator or create your own by mixing caster sugar and baby oil. Keep your feet clean and dry, by ensuring that you dry your feet thoroughly after a shower or bath and when you wash your feet, use a pumice stone to rub away the rough areas. It’s also a good idea to use a lotion or moisturiser every night before bedtime. For very dry feet, apply Vaseline and then put socks on overnight to help the moisturisation process work. Feet are so essential, and especially over the summer, you need to take good care of them more so than any other time of the year. You are on your feet quite a lot, and it’s easier to get blisters when golfing or running or any other activity in the heat.

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