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Making The Most Of Your Summer As A Freelancer

Making The Most Of Your Summer As A Freelancer


Working freelance is excellent, with plenty of freedom, you can do your job from anywhere. Only problem is, when you don’t work, you don’t get paid, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel – in fact you can actually travel more than your pals who work 9-5 in an office and here’s how you could spend the summer travelling around the world and not miss a single day of work.  

Let your lease expire.
If you’re renting a place then as soon as your lease expires, get yourself out of there, no need to sign another one, buy a one-way ticket and as long as you have internet, you’re in business. If you have your own place then decide how long you’re going for and rent it out on Airbnb, there’ll be someone who will be glad off it for a summer. Your expenses really won’t much different than they are at home. You can replace your regular apartment rent with the cost of short term rentals if you’re only planning a short stay or long term if you fancy staying somewhere for a bit longer, check out this site for more information: In some places, you’ll find that food and housing are ridiculously cheap too so at times you might actually come out ahead. Of course, you have the flight tickets to pay for, but you would have those for a holiday anyway, so it’s no extra expense.

Work in Your Usual Time zones
If you can, stick to the time zone that you usually work in as this will be better for your clients. You can be a bit more flexible of course as you can probably o your work in chunks and be “on call” for the rest of the time. It could mean in certain countries though that you’ll have the entire morning and early afternoon to explore and be carefree without worrying about getting any emails or calls, and of course, there’s the whole weekend too. Your whole life can “shift over” a few hours.

Live the same life, just in another place.
Embed yourselves into whatever culture you find yourself in, live life like the locals do. Just like at home, most of your weekdays consisted of getting work done, taking walks, eating, hanging out in cafes, and getting more work done, you just do it in a different place, in various cafes and trying some more exotic food, surrounded by new, beautiful things, magnificent architecture, and new languages. This experience can influence your thinking in ways you would never imagine, and it comes out in your work too. Plus, if you enjoy sightseeing, you can easily fit it in during your carefree hours.

The Internet Is Your Savior
Not only are you using the internet to continue to work, but it’s also the place to be booking your accommodation, finding out about places to go and things to see and also finding out the best cafes to work in.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay