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Great Ways To Spend A Trip To Los Angeles

Great Ways To Spend A Trip To Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a popular tourist destination in the USA and it is famously the home of many of the A List celebrities we see on TV and in Film. This part of America is a vibrant, classy, and exciting location and even if you were here for a month you would struggle to see everything the city has to offer.

Today we want to look at just a few of the different activities you can experience in Los Angeles this year to make the most of your LA trip.

Go to the Beach
Los Angeles is a place which often is associated with the stars, but there are also many natural wonders to enjoy during your stay here. One major example of this is the miles of soft, silky, beaches that cover the landscape. The coastal area of LA is stunning and you can easily spend days enjoying the clam and tranquillity of life by the sea. Santa Monica Bay in particular is a popular beach in Los Angeles and it creates a stunning cove to explore and enjoy. There is something for everyone in the beaches whether you enjoy volleyball, yoga, rock-pooling or lounging on the sand.

Catalina Island
There are so many diverse experiences you can have in Los Angeles and Catalina Island will allow you to experience some real Mediterranean flavour. Los Angeles is exotic and warm as it is, but when you head out to the island you’ll feel as if you have travelled across the globe to Greece itself. You can enjoy a spot of fly fishing on the beach, play gold in the sun, or simply enjoy the warm weather and ambiance of the place.

Disneyland in California
Although Disneyland is technically not in LA, it is still a huge tourist spot to visit in the area. Disneyland never needs much of an introduction and it is one of those places which seem to be on everyone’s bucket list for once in their lifetime. If you love Disney and you want to visit somewhere exciting this year, Disneyland allows you to step back in time to your childhood and enjoy yourself.  

Malibu Coast
The Malibu coast is famous for its beauty and if you are looking for a stunning place to venture this year it is definitely the best place for you to explore. During your stay you should absolutely invest in Los Angeles luxury car rentals and head on down for an evening drive. If you enjoy surfing and are looking for the ideal spot during your stay, Malibu is definitely the ideal choice and will give you some soft and wonderful breezes. Malibu is a great place to head out with a blanket and sit on the beach as the sun sets at the end of the day.

LA Farmers Market
One of the things which you might not immediately consider when you look at visiting LA is the farmers market which runs each week providing fresh produce as well as other crafted items and creations. For a buzzing atmosphere and some summer fun, head on to the market and take the opportunity to gather fresh and juicy produce. They even offer samples of things such as bread and cheese so you can try before you buy!