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Lunch with Sätila

Lunch with Sätila


I’m not one to often cover my lunch experiences on the blog, but last week I had a stunning experience at the recently opened The Sparrow Hotel, courtesy of Sätila. Sätila is a premium manufacturer of beanies and scarves and my relationship with them goes back a few years.

Johan Magnusson cracking me up!.

You might remember a picture from New York when I was wearing a Sätila beanie in front of the NYC Stock Exchange. My mom was the photographer and I absolutely love that image. I’ve worked with a lot of photographers, but having your family members take old school pictures is something else and forms a special bond.

The Sätila collection.

Anyhow, back to the lunch. It was a great twist of Christmas in September at a premium location with your regular press attendance. I hadn’t met a few of them in a while, so it was great catching up with some friends. Really, this post is more about sharing pictures with you than anything else. 🙂 Enjoy!

Lovely Sara Ericsson.