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We’re all tired of smoke and smoking

We’re all tired of smoke and smoking

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It goes without saying that cigarette smoke is quite horrid and it not only pesters you, your hair, skin, and clothes but everyone in close vicinity of where you are smoking. The Swedes have been using a smoke-free product, snus, for decades, but lately, there has also been a tobacco-free addition with white nicotine pouches.

First of all, snus is not allowed in the EU, with Sweden being exempted from that ban. However, consumers in the UK, Norway, and Iceland are allowed to use snus. As many of you reside in the EU, I’d like to talk about nicotine pouches instead. These are (as seen in the picture below), snus-like pouches, but with no tobacco in them, just varying strengths of nicotine flavored with everything from menthol to berries.

Nicotine pouches. Image:

As stated, smoking is and should be regarded so last century. There are many people who aren’t ready to quit nicotine altogether though and many have tried different aid products such as chewing gum, bandaids, and mints. For people wanting to reduce or quit smoking the nicotine pouches offer a great substitute. You get a constant release of nicotine into your body as long as you have it in your mouth and on a side note, they also reduce your cravings for sweets, as they come in many tasty flavors.

The pouches are put between your upper lip and gum and can be kept there from 10 minutes to hours at a time and are then disposed of, leaving no harming side effects to others. They are discreet and won’t be noticed by anyone around you and can be used all day long. There are also health advantages compared to cigarettes, as there are none of the side effects of tobacco included. This Swedish export is one that makes the world smell better, gives you a chance to finally quit smoking, and doesn’t result in a bunch of cigarette butts on the streets as the used pouches are stored in the package they are bought in. I might be a bit partial to these pouches, being a Swede and all, but in my opinion nicotine pouches should replace all tobacco products as soon as possible and that’s why I’m urging you, my readers, to find out more about them! In most countries, they are for sale in tobacco stores, kiosks, grocery stores, gas stations, and wherever you’d normally buy your cigarettes.