Etiskt mode möter vädersäkra skor

Etiskt mode möter vädersäkra skor


Mitt förra inlägg var mycket uppskattat då det lyfte fram frågan om hur märken tar sitt sociala ansvar. Därför fortsätter jag på samma tema och lyfter fram ytterligare ett etiskt varumärke, Lite Apparel. Som en introduktion skulle jag vilja dela bitar ur en intervju med grundaren Kai Jonas:

Grundat i juni 2016 är Lite Apparel ett etiskt och ekologiskt varumärke som hoppas röra om i grytan i en av världen mest skadliga industrier, modeindustrin. Genom personliga erfarenheter i kinesisk produktion har Kai Jonas sett den mörka baksidan av modeindustrin personligen och på nära håll sett hur stora varumärken och lyxmärken tillverkar sina produkter.

Efter att han återvände till Storbritannied bestämde han att tillsammans med några skolkompisar i sin hemstad Brighton & Hove att bilda Lite Apparel vars största mål är att inspirera likväl modeskapare som konsumenter i att tänka mer hållbart och samvetsgrannt när det kommer till de plagg de tillverkar eller köper.

Med deras extremt framgångsrika 06.16 kollektion som vunnit många utmärkelser har de uppnått just det, medan de samtidigt gjort ett namn inom etiskt och ekologiskt mode. Som kollektiv hoppas de på att fortsätta upptäcka ekovänliga och hållbara metoder av produktion och att sprida budskapet av etiskt och hållbart mode.

Skorna då? Stockholmsbaserad North 89 grundades av Gustaf Secher, en oerhört trevlig, ambitiös och duktig kille som jag haft äran att träffa. Jag kan inte nog betona hur mycket jag gillar både hans talang som skorna i sig. De är ”weatherproof” vilket är en smärre omskrivning för vattentäta för att undkomma anklagelser att de inte skulle vara det, men som ni ser på bilden så blev åtminstone inte mina strumpor blöta. Just nu kör de dessutom med mellandagsrea, så ta en titt på deras hemsida!

Keps: New Era
Jacka: H&M
Tröja: Lite Apparel
Jeans: River Island
Sneakers: North 89 
Väska: Louis Vuitton

Fotograf: Thomas Sandau


  1. Mariann yip
    2017-01-03 at 19:19

    I definitely appreciate eco friendly brands and companies! I love the trench coat and those shoes are so cool 🙂

  2. Iliana
    2017-01-03 at 19:20

    Happy New Year Thomas!

    I’ll take the coat, shoes and bag, I love them for my boyfriend! Mid season sale? I’m heading there now!
    They look great on you btw

  3. Darya
    2017-01-03 at 19:52

    These shoes from North 89 are really cool on you! Appreciate this post!

  4. diana
    2017-01-03 at 20:03

    It is pretty cool that he went and found friends who supported his idea, I wish I had friends who could run business with me haha. Thanks for share! you look great!

  5. Anthony @oh_anthonio
    2017-01-03 at 20:56

    First of all I’m obsessed with that LV bag! Can I borrow? And I love that you’re promoting an ethical and eco friendly brand. I think the fashion industry needs to see more of that in 2017!

  6. Leila D.
    2017-01-04 at 01:50

    Have to check out the sale :))) Love the sweater and shoes. The coat is a wonderful addition to your look. Xx

  7. Cece Lam
    2017-01-04 at 02:25

    these r some amazing shoes, thomas! thanks for sharing this post w us 🙂

  8. Candace
    2017-01-04 at 02:31

    I am digging the color of those kicks! They are so unique and I could see myself rocking these. Your style is always on point Thomas!

  9. Stephanie
    2017-01-04 at 02:39

    You hooked me before I even began reading, just because your title had the word ”weatherproof” in it! I would expect for weatherproof shoes to be kinda tacky, but the ones you have look SO cool! Do they make women’s shoes as well? I’m seriously loving the droplet action shot you got to show them off!!

    Stephanie //

  10. Jordan Chapman
    2017-01-04 at 04:11

    They’re waterproof??! Oh gosh, those are absolutely amazing and super stylish! You’ve done an amazing job with styling them and I’m definitely gonna be trying to snag a pair for my brother (or myself rather)! 😉
    Jordan xx

  11. Jenelle
    2017-01-04 at 04:33

    I love this outfit! Maybe it’s the shoes, or the coat…. not sure! Anyway, it is important for us to consider the ethical issues of fashion, considering it is such a fast industry which produces the most insane amount of waste! It’s truly horrible, when you think about it. Anyway, for this reason, I am always interested to see bloggers support ethical labels.
    xx Jenelle

  12. Jo
    2017-01-04 at 04:38

    I always love eco-friendly products/brands! I’ve worked for a consumer products manufacturer briefly after college and travelled to their Chinese factories then so I can totally relate to the founder’s experiences in Chinese manufacturing! Thank you for introducing this awesome brand to us! Oh I think I need your LV bag too 🙂


  13. Miki
    2017-01-04 at 04:44

    I love that you wear so many conscious labels. Great oufit. Uhhh, I need your duffle bag, please. lol
    Have you seen the movie ”The True Cost”? I have it on my list and have been wanting to watch it, but I get really sad when I see movies like that. Thanks for sharing and for always bringing awareness.


  14. Lauren
    2017-01-04 at 05:21

    Eco friendly companies are so amazing! Those shoes look great with your outfit and being weatherproof is such a bonus. Also obsessing over your bag. Xx

  15. Jo
    2017-01-04 at 05:44

    Motivating ethical practices in fashion is definitely a two way street, so I’m very impressed to hear Lite Apparel’s aim to try and inspire both creators and consumers to make this happen. Plus, their collection looks incredibly cool! Awesome feature, Thomas. I’m loving these shots taken at sunset by the way.

    xo, Jo

  16. Sharon Wu
    2017-01-04 at 06:28

    I am a strong supporter of brands that practice good ethics too! Love that coat on you, Thomas.

    Happy new year! Hope that 2017 is filled with lots of joy, happiness, and success for you xo, sharon

  17. Eric k
    2017-01-04 at 07:13

    First, i would like to thank you buddy for introducing us a brand that really cares and have good ethics. That sweater is top notch. I also want to highlight that LV weekender. it just does not get better.
    These kicks are one of my faves, because they look absolutely universal, it can be part of any outfit. Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing article.

  18. Luke
    2017-01-04 at 08:37

    Thank you once again Thomas for highlighted another ethical brand, I was unaware of Lite Apparel but will be keeping my eye out for them now! Also, those shoes are the perfect thing for British weather!

  19. Eva
    2017-01-04 at 08:50

    Hello Thomas!!
    Love your outfit. and the shoes are awesome.
    Your coat is absolutely stylish nice color and cut.

  20. Martin (Ebylife)
    2017-01-04 at 11:32

    Tremendous post Thomas. I’m not sure whether it’s the perfectly lit photos or the outfit, but i think this is my favourite look of the year! (I know it’s only 4 days in but you know what i mean! haha) Thanks so much for sharing and happy 2017!!

  21. Aleksandra Ladygin
    2017-01-04 at 15:03

    You are so talanted great photos! Now i am crazy about these shoes!If they have woman models too?

  22. Jennifer Quattrucci
    2017-01-04 at 16:51

    I am truly amazed by the individual pieces here and the way it all looks on you. You have designed a fabulous look and also remained true to yourself in utilizing brands you believe in. I really love the sneakers from North 89 and can’t really believe something so practical can look so good! The Lite Apparel sweater is my favorite and looks lovely with your H&M jacket and I won’t even mention the Louie Vuitton bag. Although , please bring it when you visit New England and I will take extremely good care of it !!! It can have its own room.
    Yours truly,

  23. Jen
    2017-01-04 at 16:52

    I love anything ethical and eco-friendly! When companies are conscious of their brand and how they represent themselves, it does so much good for the world. I really love that top and those shoes. You always have amazing style Thomas!!

  24. Kusum
    2017-01-04 at 18:35

    Weatherproof shoes you said, I am already sold! These shoes look so incredibly comfy and cool, i would so want a pair too. I also love the story behind the brand, its amazing and eco-friendly products always have my vote. Also, can we talk about that stylish coat you are flaunting!!!
    xx, Kusum |

  25. Morgan Ryan
    2017-01-04 at 19:19


    Really love your blog layout and aesthetic!


  26. Dom
    2017-01-04 at 19:34

    My dear Tommy, where do I begin? First of all I love how you break down all your posts. I literally read every word as If I have you in the room with me. All the different pieces that you are wearing are basically the heart emoji. I love that sweater and how it wraps up all your adorableness. That coat is just soafgsoahdjbha, I’m in love with it. I love that bag and pray that you keep it safe cause someone who’s in dire need of it might snatch it off your hands in the street. It’s beautiful and I love your initials on it. And lastly those shoes. When I saw them on instagram a few hours ago, I literally wanted to stick my hands in the phone and snatch them. They are so nice. Anyways, I keep rambling and all I’m gonna do is continue to ramble If I keep going on. I love this outfit and I love you. I always look forward to all your posts, it’s kind of my duty as your best friend. I hope you okay right now.
    Love you so much,

  27. MadCatFashion
    2017-01-04 at 22:48

    Fabulous look and I love the scenery.

  28. Atsuna Matsui
    2017-01-05 at 03:01

    I just love the style of these pieces from Lite Apparel. I also think it’s so great that the founder was so invested in the idea of having the clothes ethically made. One huge issue with fast fashion is the outsourcing involved, poor labor working conditions, and the low-quality materials being used. Hehe I truly hope there will be a movement for clothing companies to be more eco-friendly and conscious about ethics.

  29. Gina Diaz
    2017-01-05 at 03:46

    I love ethical brands! this is such an excellent post-Thomas!!! I adore the jacket and the shoes on you!!!! so fabulous :)))

    Best Wishes 2017!! love, Gina

  30. Jenn Hanft
    2017-01-05 at 04:16

    I love coming across eco-friendly brands! Love the aim that Lite Apparel has to inspire people to make better choices. I can’t believe these shoes are weatherproof! The capture literally encompasses everything. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, hah! I definitely need to find myself a pair of weatherproof shoes…just the other day I wore suede boots and ruined them in the rain 🙁 if they were weatherproof like yours, it’d be total dynamite. PS love that LV bag!!

    XO Jenn

  31. gracie
    2017-01-05 at 04:21

    Have great respect for the eco-friendly & ethical fashion makers. It looks like they are producing quality & fashionable pieces. And love the shoes, very cool !
    xx, gracie

  32. Christine Kong
    2017-01-05 at 07:48

    I love hearing that brands are moving towards being more ethical and eco friendly. As food is heading that way so should clothes. Love the entire styling of this look for the sweater to that amazing camel coat and cool kicks. Let’s not forget that duffle bag as well. Such a streetstyle edge to this look. Well done Thomas! Xoxo, Christine

  33. Annelies
    2017-01-05 at 10:44

    Love your coat, camel coats are a must have for me! 🙂


  34. Morgan Klein
    2017-01-05 at 13:41

    I just love anything eco friendly! Those shoes look awesome on you too!!

  35. Ana Vukosavljevic
    2017-01-05 at 15:53

    I need shoes like that!
    That coat is everything, Im on a hunt for the same like yours! #obsessed

    I love your photography! And you as always are looking gorgeous <3

  36. Aimara
    2017-01-05 at 16:49

    Thank you for sharing info about ethical brands! I’m going to look into this 🙂

  37. Charissa
    2017-01-05 at 19:05

    That last effect on your shoe is so cool! And so great they’re eco friendly. Everything should be eco friendly by now.. XO Charissa –

  38. Bryanna
    2017-01-05 at 19:36

    I never thought about it till your post, but weatherproof sneakers are really hard to come by. I mean a decent pair that isn’t super bulky and heavy. I’m seriously obsessed with the navy and that action shot of the water dropping… MAGIC! Super dope post, Thomas!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  39. Linh Dao
    2017-01-05 at 23:38

    Thomas, I love how detailed this post is and how amazing your photos are always! I love great brands like this too and how you talk so highly of them! I love anything that is weatherproof so these shoes are awesome to have! Hope you have a great new year!


  40. Josie
    2017-01-06 at 01:45

    Always happy to read your posts Thomas. I really love getting to know eco-friendly brands and learn more about their values. These sneakers are seriously rad and I’m just swooning over the last picture of that drop on the shoes! so creative!

    Bisous, Josie

  41. Samantha Mariko
    2017-01-06 at 01:58

    Thomas, your photos are always so good! I can tell that the quality of the clothing is good just like you say it is. I haven’t encounter many eco-friendly fashion brands, so it’s great you shared Lite Apparel. Have a great weekend sweetie:)

  42. Yasmin
    2017-01-06 at 04:53

    Those kicks are awesome and I can see why you love them. Your photos really bring out the beauty of all that you are wearing. I love the dark moody vibes. They really contribute to the story you are telling – about the urgency for ethical fashion and how the fashion manufacturing industry can be dark itself.

    xx Yasmin

  43. francesca
    2017-01-06 at 21:02

    your pics are always on point and your writing is so good! I could learn a thing or two from yoU! Love the shoes and the brands ethical quest. It’s awesome to see brands to that kind of stuff
    xx francesca
    Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

  44. Carolina
    2017-01-07 at 04:16

    Big thumbs up for eco friendly brands and sustainable fashion. I love who take care of our stressed environment ❤ In addition the shoes are so eye-catching and cool!


  45. Darlene
    2017-01-07 at 04:44

    I saw this on your instagram and I was like I need to have that shoes. it’s so amazing and much more lighter than my hunter boots. So stylish as ever Thomas!


  46. Open Kloset By Karina
    2017-01-08 at 02:28

    Hey Thomas:)
    How are you? Wish you All the Best in 2017:)
    Soop Cool Shoes, I think Fits you so well:)
    And that Bag, Good, Sooo Gorgeous ?
    You Always have the Best Look:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  47. Lolita Mas
    2017-01-08 at 21:28

    I’m obsessed with this look!

  48. Laurelle
    2017-01-08 at 22:30

    It sounds like a great company! There are definitely some very unethical practices in the fashion and food industries. It’s nice to see people taking a stand and trying to make a change!

  49. Amanda Sorenson
    2017-01-09 at 01:34

    love this look! Such a good bag too, and perfect shoot location.


    2017-01-09 at 12:08

    Absolutely adore this look and your images are always so high end! Awesome!


  51. marcy
    2017-01-09 at 13:25

    Really love eco friendly brands specially on my trip to Kilimanjaro that I wore many of them and test how good they are. Very cool shoes.


  52. Sofia
    2017-01-10 at 09:05

    I love echo friendly brands. And I love to go second hand and vintage shopping just for that reason. So many apparel pieces can be reused or fixed but instead we throw it away once were done and buy something new.

  53. Kirsten Thyra
    2017-01-10 at 14:13

    You look amazing as always!

  54. Deddeh Howard
    2017-01-11 at 06:16

    Everything looks so amazing on you. I’m in love with your coat and to be honest, I want to steal it from you. Great post Thomas.

  55. Darya
    2017-01-12 at 20:10

    Love the look and the shots! <3 xoxo Darya

  56. Ria
    2017-01-13 at 15:36

    That last shot is so on point and I love the look of the shoes.

  57. frank lin
    2017-01-15 at 23:18

    I love that you’re promoting an ethical and eco friendly brand!
    And you’re definitely the proof that it actually can look great!!

    xx frank