New York Fashion Week Men’s SS18

New York Fashion Week Men’s SS18


This recap took me a while to write as I instead of taking it easy, maxed it and barely didn’t see anything else in New York than  my hotel and the venues where the fashion shows were held at and I landed in a total of 30 shows during 5 days and that doesn’t include the events and parties… So yeah, NYFW was intense to say the least.  As usual I’ve put them in alphabetical order not to favor any brand in particular. Enjoy (or hate it if you want to).

BENCH/Body took me by surprise both by choosing an unexpected venue as well as by the clothing (or rather lack of it) on the models. Held at Industria the mood for the edgy collection was set for the two parts of the collection opening up with hybrid tropical and going on with white with tropical side prints. The oversized tops in forms of tees, bombers and coats was a perfect addition to the sometimes, even by European standards, skimpy underwear.

Bode barely made it out of bed this season and I can totally relate. Staying in bed is all I want to do these days. Their SS18 collection stood out with jackets and trousers which fit to the bedding-inspired stripes, florals and jacquards. Being known for workwear, Bode made it a whole lot more fun to be wearing that for sure. The collection titled ”The Grenier” stays true to the label’s theme of making something new out of the old where for example vintage quilts were used for the bombers.

BODYWILD  didn’t have much of a show or a presentation, more like guys standing a little here and there showcasing their stuff (BODYWILD’s stuff that is), but I do want to include them in this recap as they were the first brand in Japan to pioneer boxer briefs and to bring high-fashion to underwear for men over a 100 years ago. Every pair of  BODYWILD is made from organic cotton.  According to the standards of organic certification organizations, ”organic pesticide-free organic cotton” organic-cultivated in a field not using pesticide or chemical fertilizer for more than 3 years without genetic modification, without any chemicals. Furthermore, even in all processes of manufacturing, they have created without chemical treatment, so that alone is reason enough for me to mention them. 

C2H4 Los Angeles gave us a story about a fictional Mars mission with their collection ”Zero Gravity”. This is how they imagine chemists would look like in 2082 the show simulated a space ride and I wish I could have it all on tape for you to see, but if you were lucky enough you caught some of it on my Insastories. This collection also introduced the collaboration with Kappa where they present a capsule collection with the sportswear brand side stripe on hoodies and track pants.

Christopher Lowman drew inspiration to his SS18 collection from the modern day college student battling the everyday chain of emotions such as financial instability and mental health issues that lead to the possibility of becoming a college dropout. As alarming as that sounds, I bet his intention is to turn that downward spiral into a success story and does it with the finest French Terry and satin fabrics imported from Australia, as well as suede and lambskin fabrics with uniquely intricate patterns. Delicate Italian imported fabrics create a classic and refined fit for the modern man with a highly individual sense of style which come together to create ”Harvard Punk’d” as the collection is named.

Daniel Hechter is a Paris based designer who is no stranger to using bold color and patterns. This season, inspired by pattern designer Camilla Frances, a computerized floral design spices up jacket linings, shirts, and outerwear. A ‘motherboard’ print, inspired by the hardware computer’s of the 90s used, is superimposed on t-shirts and adds subtle detail to the backs of collars. Their classic silhouettes, previously offered in more demure neutrals, will be done this season in brighter fashion colors. Cherry reds and hunter greens provide a sharp, eye catching appeal among navy, white, and beige.

David Hart held a cheerful presentation where his gents were travelers in Cuba, at least in spirit. The designer had been planning to visit the island, but the trip never occurred. Sound familiar? Nonetheless, David Hart channeled the vibes of Cuba and mixed it with a mid-century swag where striped blazers, buttoned highs, neck scarves and Panama hats totally made you feel like you were on the island itself. On a side note, all the models came from Anti which is a group founded by employees who left Trump’s modeling agency and that was a nod to Trump’s presidency and whatever cause of action he might take in regards to Cuba. Who said fashion wasn’t politics?

Death to Tennis was good. Yes, good, not great. That’s maybe something I’ve led myself to believe as their AW17 was simply stunning and my expectations were probably a bit too high. The concept of the presentation was fun though. Hot models were posing with selfie sticks, pouting and slapping our uber narcissistic society in the face with this statement against vanity. Truly refreshing during a fashion week where everything is mostly about superficiality and looks.

Descendants of Thieves presented their The Masks We Wear… collection with the perfect message of clothing itself being the mask we put on every single day. It is the mask that attaches us to a certain tribe of people and ultimately influences how the world perceives us. The aesthetics of the collection are inspired by deviant, yet fashion obsessed MODs of the mid 60s who broke new ground by making it acceptable for men to dress purely for show, so we have a lot to thank those MODs for. I don’t like to align with any ’tribe’ myself, but would gladly be wearing the masks presented at this Descendants of Thieves.

Deveaux presented their SS18 collection at En Japanese Brassier, which is an amazing restaurant and total hot spot if you’re heading to NYC, so don’t miss it. The designers found their inspiration in a minimalistic mindset, constructing clean lines with subtle details to produce maximum punch. Graphic knit sweaters were shown underneath collared cardigans, while cuffed quarter zip shirts were tucked into lux cargos. The way they rewoke the tube sock (just like Gucci tried to do 2 years ago) was beautiful and much needed, but I doubt they’ll have more luck with that than Gucci. The collection however, will do perfectly and I’m thrilled about this designer trio and can’t wait to see more, hopefully from a better spot next time than from the second row…

Dyne is the lovechild of Christopher Bevans and is based in Portland, Oregon. Never having been to Portland, my gut tells me it’s not the fashion capital of the world, but my prejudiced way of thinking about smaller cities got itself a blow in the face after seeing this colorful collection. I know Dyne will be something big, or rather, Christopher Bevans will be, so keep an eye out for him and his brand. It feels like Japanese people are always two decades ahead when it comes to fashion and it comes as no surprise to me that Dyne is huge in Japan and other Asian countries. Well deserved and now we westerners need to catch up on that.

Feng Chen Wang is drawing on the cultural heritage of Feng Chen Wang’s home country of China and the SS18 collection seeks to redefine the Made in China stamp. The color palette ranges from light shades of brown to muted tones of navy to soft pink and bright red, referencing China’s rural landscape and the country’s symbolic colors. Wang’s garments range from the relatively minimal to the boldly conceptual and wholly futuristic, always with a forward-thinking functionality.

General Idea had somewhat the same take on society as Death to Tennis has. The runway was run with both male and female models carrying cellphones while wearing striped trenches, bold patterns and colors out of this world. Totally wearable, but a bit hard to grasp the core of the collection leaving me pondering about what the general idea of it was.

Grungy Gentleman put up a massive show and got applause from both me and the rest of the audience for breaking the stereotype of the model business being one where you have to retire at the age of 23 (by the latest). The latest Grungy Gentleman collection is thought to be leisurely luxurious and you could equally well wear the garments to your local supermarket as well as while flying first class. I only have one word for this collection: Fresh.

Gustav von Aschenbach is the newest project helmed by Robert Geller. The line takes its name from the main character of Thomas Mann’s famous novel, Death in venice and is an instantiation of Robert Geller’s desire to reach a broader public. Separate from the Robert Geller brand yet distilling the designer’s signature, Gustav Von Aschenbach begins with his fondness of new shapes and his exploration color to create an entirely new collection: one that feels less pure and minimal yet also warm and comforting. Japanese textiles used throughout to achieve a lightness and ease that is central to the collection.

Heliot Emil SS 18 is titled ’P.T.C.S.’ short for post traumatic combat stress. The collection follows the aesthetic of an individual dealing with a post war existential crisis, resulting in experimentation with a combination of drugs and parties. Designer Julius Juul mixed the formality and disciple of the military with the care free attitude of a lost mind. The political reminder aside, I totally want to jump into P.T.C.S. asap.

Krammer & Stoudt based in NYC showcases a blend of contemporary looks mixed with a boho inspired staple of pants, jackets and shirts. We’re talking navy shirt jackets which are lingering into your staples slowly but surely, long-sleeve knitted cardigans and tops as well as floral embroidered jackets. It feels like menswear is catching up to what the womenswear industry has been doing the last year or so.

Landlord clearly had one single inspiration for its SS18 collection which can be summed up by the word reggae. Never having been a huge fan of neither the music nor the reggae lifestyle I must say this collection did not appeal to me, at all. It might have to do with the huge amount of homophobia related to reggae where singing about ”kill those faggots” is as commonplace and accepted as singing ”hakuna matata”. Well, I might dig too deep into my archive of emotions, but this was not hakuna matata.

Laun LaRose took inspiration from the ’80s, seen through the lens of their impact on our current society, characterized mainly by the insertion of technology into mass culture, the birth of Silicon Valley, and the opulence of Wall Street when creating his SS18 collection. While playing with the definition of masculinity by adding pantyhoses and what not to the looks, it still stood out as a strong one, even for everyday wear.

Luar wanted to make you rethink about office wear and get away from the average boring pencil skirts and suits and they certainly managed to do that as they transformed the corporate uniform into bell bottoms, bombers, deconstructed suits and went all artsy on us with a genderbending show which might not be the new corporate uniform of yet, but a nod towards where we are heading. It sure made my fashion fatigued head turn both once and twice.

Matiere, French for material, truly went all in with the brand name for this collection as it was full focus on materials. They were mixing eco-friendly fabrics with innovative and high-teck materials and the collection itself consisted of a lovely mix of classic pieces with light jackets and transitional garments where some pastels and metallics could be seen, despite most of the collection being black. Something for everyone in other words.

N-p Elliott is a show that basically everyone around me disliked or didn’t understood, but I loved. Maybe it’s because it was so out there and also the nostalgia from the key inspiration being the grunge movement in the early 90s where you wear a denim jacket and a dress at the same time and it was never an issue, something designer Nicholas Elliott uttered backstage.

Nick Graham was on the contrary to N-P Elliott very American, with a twist. His collection was inspired by the imaginary kingdom of Atlantis and sure, we could totally get the ocean vibes ranging from beaches, fish and whatever dwells in the depths of the sea. Unlike some other designers wanting to make us wear wider pants and silhouettes in genereal, Nick Graham thankfully is still keeping it slim and that I am thankful for, especially taking into consideration he is American. Thumbs up, Nick. Below a detail shot from a favorite of mine, the rope belt.

Palmiers du Mal held a presentation at the Gramercy Hotel, more precisely at the Rose Bar, and considering the brand and its philosophy, that was the perfect choice of location. This is luxury on a high level, yet comfortable and chill. They have items ranging from 75 to 2000 dollars in their collection and the idea is that everyone deserves some luxury in their life. The collection is basically totally genderless and the models fit into the Rose Bar environment as perfectly as do the people who’s portraits are hanging on the walls with names such as Madonna, Leo di Caprio, Britney and other legends who are somewhat bohemian superstars.

Patrik Ervell is based in San Francisco and so is his mindset and inspiration, almost to the point where it becomes painful. As I’ve pointed out before, I’m a huge sucker for nostalgia and the 90s in particular, but Patrik Ervell seems to be stuck there, literally. This is what I saw fashion forward people wearing when growing up and sure, it’s cool, but there’s no new take on it. Even the silhouettes are painstakingly too true to the originals.

Private Policy is one of the first shows I saw during New York Fashion Week Men’s at the so called New York Men’s Day and I was thrilled to see this mix of patriotism and then tossing in elements that would totally, how do I put this nicely, mess up whatever is going on in the current president’s head. It doesn’t get much more explicit than this and all I can say is: Take me to this rodeo anytime, please.

R. Swiader wanted to combine references from Ancient Greece with his own ethos for this collection, which is grounded in the streets of New York. That does sound ever so pretentious, but it works. I can see both Plato as well as Al Capone in this collection and the ever so beautiful pieces in it.

Sanchez Kane is an absolutely adorable designer of Mexican decent and her collection made no sense at all, yet it made all the sense in the world. Empty plastic bottles, waste, a paper shredder in the middle of the show and lord knows what were parts of this demonstration. Yes, I’m using the word demonstration as Sanchez Kane didn’t show that much fashion as she did make a statement and that’s what fashion sometimes is all about. This was yet another of the never ending designers on the list who wants to punch Trump in the face.

Wood House has taken on sportswear and absolutely refined it completely. Think baseball, rugby, football, whatever you want, and you’ve got it here, but presented in an ever so sophisticated manner. In true anti-Trump manner, also wants us to be cautious, but optimistic and says that the collection ”was stitched with the hopes of a brighter future”. It is allowed to have fun however and that is exactly what this collection is.

You As is the creation of Tony Liu who took on the challenge of going Vegas without becoming a pastische vomitting glitter and superficiality known to the town. The jumpsuit on the right is loosely based something Sammy Davis Jr once wore in the 1960s Ocean’s 11. It has 15 000 Swarovski crystals covering the entire jumpsuit, but it’s not obnoxious or cheesy, quite the contrary. The rest of the collection was equally well balancing edgy with cheesy where the former won the fight in every look. The only criticism is that the presentation had lights shifting between red and purple and that made it hard to see the true colors of the garments both there and then as well as on the pictures. Other than that, superb.

To end my recap, I have to put in this feature of me on New York Times’ Fashion account on Instagram. They caught me on a day when I decided ”I don’t give a crap about how I look” and that attitude apparently gave me a feature on one of the world’s largest platforms for fashion.

So, dear readers, which are your faves and what makes you go ”what the…”? I know which mine is.


  1. Bernice
    2017-08-17 at 10:28

    Its so funny because I know the owner of Bench Body! I actually attended the wedding of his daughter in Sydney many years ago. I see both viewpoints about the N-p Elliott show. It’s not really my kind of fashion I’d want to sit, and see but I do see the pop culture references that went into concepting.

    Bernice | IG @bunnybernice
    New Post:

  2. Samantha Mariko
    2017-08-17 at 11:24

    It’s so fun to be exposed to all these amazing men’s fashion brands through your blog. I love the mix of casual wear, loungewear and semi-formal attire. I guess it goes to show that there is way more to men’s fashion than some of us think. I still don’t know how you do it with all those shows and events in such a short time span. You must be Superman or something!

  3. owen
    2017-08-17 at 11:29

    I love love love your blog,its so amaizing you gave a review of all the shows you attended,i like all of them choosing is a bit hard but my top faves are Laun larose,private policy and NP Elliott just like how different they are and their style is extremely out there but thats what makes you stand out right?

  4. Kamen Kamenov
    2017-08-17 at 11:58

    Hey hun…. wow I am a bit crushed by how much there is to see… how you do not loose the sight is an absolute mystery to me. But I guess as someone who attends all the FW Men’s you are used to the diversity.
    Here are my tops and flops….
    Palmiers du Mal …. there is nothing I did not love about their collection. I think that the fabrics used were on point… the silhouettes are modern… with a bit of a nostalgic twist and right up my alley. And not to forget… the diversity in prints.
    The one I liked the least is Patrik Ervell. I don’t want to be critical… but I was jut missing the innovation and the modern vibe. Honestly it looked like the outfits are literally originally coming from the 90s… no offence to the Brand. It is just a constructive criticism I guess.
    Which was ur favourite? That is what I would find interesting

  5. Gina Diaz
    2017-08-17 at 13:08

    To be able to attend to 30 shows in 5 days is a lot and very impressing. I can imagine it can be both exciting and also exhausting. All the shows look very interesting. I personally like the style of Tony Liu. That’s so awesome that you were featured on New York Times’ Fashion Instagram account! Congratulations, Thomas!

    xx. Gina

  6. Mariann yip
    2017-08-17 at 13:37

    Thank you so much for sharing your recap with us! I do the same during fashion week and even though it’s a lot to take in, it’s also good to evaluate the trends and the shows. There are three things that I would love during Men’s fashion week: lack of clothes as you mentioned lol, blazers/ suits and of course the wild and unexpected outfits like Sanchez Kane. Can’t wait to see and read more of your experienced and thoughts!

  7. Aleksandra Ladygin
    2017-08-17 at 14:06

    Thank you for sharing, all the shows look very interesting. Wood house are cool!!!

  8. Lana
    2017-08-17 at 14:58

    30 shows in 5 days? I suppose it was a tough mission, right? But the result is great, I mean I would love to visit New York Fashion week even if I have no time to sleep during all 5 days. Haha 🙂
    Thank you for your review, your fashion week’s reviews are the best. Love the way you write about brands and pictures you choose!

  9. Open Kloset
    2017-08-17 at 15:35

    Dear Thomas,
    You are the King of the Fashion Weeks, Really:)
    Love that you are so passionate about Fashion and this is the Key:)
    30 Show in 5 Days, wooow, can’t believe:)
    You did Amazing Job , I Love to See Men’s Fashion, to be honest , you are the only one where I can see:) Lol:) Love how you show the Trends:) Always Fantastic work:)
    Hows you? everything okay with you?
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  10. Aimara
    2017-08-17 at 15:40

    30 shows in 5 days? + parties? That does sound insane hahaha
    I’ve never been to FW but if I do, I’d only like to do 1-2 shows per day, just for fun 🙂
    Awesome job with this post Tom. Love your pics and insights on each collection. I’m personally loving Bode and David Hart.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Anthony @oh_anthonio
    2017-08-17 at 15:58

    Wow Thomas – I cant believe you went to so many shows! Haha. You’re making me look super lazy in my own city! Great recap and it was nice seeing you outside some of the shows! Glad you enjoyed!

  12. michenn
    2017-08-17 at 16:14

    Wow, you got such a great line up and perfect shots of all the shows! Love the Landlord one, it looks so ’90s with all the bright colors! Loving it!

  13. Christine Kong
    2017-08-17 at 16:57

    I can’t believe the energy you have. 30 shows in only five days? Did you sleep at all?! I love seeing the men’s fashion show collections from your POV. There are so many talented designers out there. I’ll have to admit, my favs from your post are Daniel Hechter, David Hart and Descendants of Thieves. I can’t resist jackets and suits. I also love the draping and oversized looks by Laun LaRose. What an experience to do all these shows in a matter of days! I hope you planned a vacay for post fashion week fatigue. =). xoxo, Christine

  14. Samjah
    2017-08-17 at 20:22

    Out of all of them I think my favorite is David Hurst! Those colorful suits really got my attention! I’m sure you would look wonderful in one of them. Now get you some rest because you’ve had an eventful last month!

  15. Meg
    2017-08-17 at 23:47

    This is really cool! I have always wanted to go to a fashion week, and even more so after reading your recap. I love how much thought is put into it, including the venue to make sure it goes with the mood of the clothing. Thank you for sharing all of this.

  16. Jennifer Quattrucci
    2017-08-18 at 01:52

    Dear ( My) Tommy,
    Wow. Once again you gave surpassed all expectations and standards and did a phenomenal job not only attending but thoughtfully and reflectively critiquing 30 shows! In 5 days ! Wow !!!!
    Ok , so I have a bunch of favorites and when I say they are my favorites I really mean FAVORITES because I was amazed by so many of them. But these are my favorites:
    David Hart- the colors and over all vibe is incomparable
    Bode- If I were a guy I’d want it all
    Laun Larose – it’s just my decade and I love it
    Private Policy- just so fun and interesting

    Least favorite: Landlord- shockingly horrible

    Thank you so much!!
    ( Your) Jenny

  17. Jen
    2017-08-18 at 05:58

    OMG Dyne is so Portland with all the kinesio taping! Hahaha! I was born and raised in Portland OR and we’re all about the workout, health, keeping things green and hipster life, lol. I didn’t know there was such an established designer in my hometown. I feel so proud!! I also love Deveaux’s minimalistic designs. Hey congrats on the fashion feature!!!

  18. Sheree
    2017-08-18 at 08:59

    Oh my word Thomas, how do you even have all the energy to go to 30 shows and presentations!! How did you even manage to get around town attending to all the shows! Well big applause to you for hustling hard! My favorites are David Hart, Daniel Hechter, they are totally the styles I love for men. And of course, a very big congrats on being featured on the New York Times Fashion Insta page, it is so cool!

    ~ xo Sheree

    2017-08-18 at 09:01

    Really loving ”General Idea” concept and models! Ha! Sounds so much fun and congrats on the feature – eeeeeek!

    Tatyana x

  20. Sweet as fiction
    2017-08-19 at 01:19

    30 shows in 5 days?! Wow thats incredible esp. for NYFW. R. Swiader and C2H4 Los Angeles are my two favourites from the show, even though they all have such incredible pieces. Thanks for sharing this and congrats on the feature. (you don’t look like crap btw) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Deddeh Howard
    2017-08-19 at 07:29

    Wow you’re amazing, 30 shows in 5 days is crazy!!! I’m glad you got to have fun. Thanks for sharing Thomas, I’m loving these looks.

  22. Rametidrizi
    2017-08-19 at 12:36

    It’s so fun to be exposed to all these amazing men’s fashion brands through your blog. I love the mix of casual wear, loungewear and semi-formal attire. I guess it goes to show that there is way more to men’s fashion than some of us think.

  23. Candace
    2017-08-19 at 17:08

    Holy cow. You really did go to 30 shows in 5 days. I would be super exhausted! I’m super late and had no idea something Men’s Fashion Week existed before I started reading your blog. I am bookmarking this for reference, as Keshaun loves to experiment with new trends and I’m sure he can find inspiration in your post. I can already see Daniel Hechter and David Hart being 2 of his faves. And omg, congrats on that feature! Just goes to show you, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into killing it 🙂

  24. Gracie
    2017-08-19 at 18:57

    Thomas I cannot believe you crammed that many shows in five days. I am heading to NYFW in September. It is always full day every day. So kudos to you. Love all the posts.


  25. Rachael Sia
    2017-08-20 at 04:52

    What an extensive run down on the fashion show i loved reading up about everything! It looked so good!

  26. Jo
    2017-08-20 at 23:50

    I love that a lot of these shows had such creative presentations. I always thought of NYFW being a bit more classic, minimalistic than other fashion weeks, so this is a pleasant surprise. I definitely would have though these were straight out of London’s fashion week. Congrats on the NY Times feature! Totally well deserved!

    xo, Jo

  27. Dom
    2017-08-21 at 01:34

    My dear brother Tommy. Finally we see your MFW wrap up! I know you barely saw NYC while you were there but i’m glad you were able to witness these amazing shows! God, that David Hart collection is everything… where is the heart eye emoji on this darn macbook keyboard? Anyways, I’m so proud of you for knocking out 30 shows in 5 days. Now please find a second to take a vacation k.
    Love your brother, Dom

  28. Floortje
    2017-08-21 at 07:46
  29. Sharon Wu
    2017-08-21 at 15:57

    I am loving the unique styles showcased here! Looks like you got to see great shows. Kudos on getting the NY Times Feature Thomas! You totally deserve it <3 xo, sharon

  30. Coco
    2017-08-21 at 20:29

    Of course they had to feature you because your effortless style is piercing and totally stylish! So proud of you! Back to the fashion shows that you beautifully described… I love especially Grungy Gentleman and Krammer & Stoudt, and absolutely adore Private Policy. While overwhelming on the whole, Palmiers du Mal collection is a treasure trove for statement pieces. It was a tour de force this NYFW, great job Thomas. Lots of love, Valeria

  31. Rachel Holliday
    2017-08-22 at 00:30

    It sounds like you had such a jam-packed fashion week Thomas! There was such a huge variety of shows and what really intrigues me is the interesting and unique ways that the designers chose to present the collections. The university student-inspired collection looks interesting, as you can see the thought behind each piece. My fave collection is Krammer & Stoudt.

    Rachel xx

  32. samira
    2017-08-22 at 04:48

    wow thomas this sounds like such a great week for you! so many good shows! also congrats on getting featured! so exciting! keep killing it!

    xo Samira

  33. Luke Ross
    2017-08-22 at 10:39

    It’s so good to see New York Fashion Week Mens evolve and start to get the recognition it finally deserves especially when there are so many up and coming brands that have such great offerings! Also huge congrats on the New York Times Fashion plug, such a cool shot!

  34. amanda
    2017-08-22 at 16:07

    You are not kidding! How did you breath?! My schedule is full but not that full! You’ve done a fine job show casing these shows! Bode stood out to me amount the first few… maybe because I’m tired and the images looked really appealing! lol BUT seeing as how they are known for workwear, I feel like it was fresh. Sanchez Kane, while I agree with on on the eccentric part, I do really love the statement. Fashion is a platform and I always love when designers use it beyond the typical ’all about me’ that’s present during FW.Private Policy pieces were lovely too! I love how it was put together and use of pattern!

    Manda |

  35. Vanessa Berlin
    2017-08-22 at 19:03

    Wow! Thomas, You attended a lot of shows. I will be in NYFW in september and I know how hard and busy is the schedule. You did an amazing job. This post is a great source for all the people who love fashion and don’t have the chance to attend this magnificent event. Love the variety of styles that you’re sharing. Personally I love Daniel Hechter and David Hart , classic yet still chic collection for the contemporary men.
    Congrats my friend, for such a great job and also for your feature on NY Times Fashion!

  36. Jacqueline
    2017-08-23 at 02:54

    Ah thanks so much for this full recap! I love it! Also notice the huge different between this fashion week and the one in Paris. It’s so crazy how different they are. I sense more of a casual RTW not so avant guard designs in NY designers. Which isn’t a bad thing. While some were creative and used pops of color and crazy prints I feel like Paris and Berlin are a whole other world. It’s so cool to be able to make those comparisons too!

  37. Diana
    2017-08-23 at 10:28

    Omg, I can’t believe you covered all this shows. No wonder, why did it take so long.
    Christopher Lowman’s collection, I found very interesting. I am not expert in men fashion world, most of the time I only read about women fashion. But his collection caught my attention. Thanks for giving a short introduction from your perspective to every collection.

  38. Michelle
    2017-08-23 at 12:00

    Wait, are you still here? I totally wanted to say hi! I never really do the mens shows – are you coming back for the womens shows? NYFW is always pretty intense – I always end up bailing on half my stuff LOL. Congrats on making the NYTimes Insta – that’s kinda a big deal! And it’s so true – when you look like you’re not trying – that’s when they shoot you! Looking thru your post I wasn’t getting very excited (lots of blah shows) until you shared shows like N-p Elliott and Sanchez Kane. Love when they really put on a show!!

  39. Darya
    2017-08-23 at 19:52

    Hey Thomas!

    As always I got stunned with how much there is to see. I guess it was quite tough to visit all the shows! I can’t believe you did it man. By the way, I’m obsessing over a great line up and perfect shots of all the shows. My favorites are Christopher Lowman and Daniel Heckter.


  40. Darya
    2017-08-24 at 02:43

    Hey Thomas!

    At first, I got stunned at how many shows you managed to visit. I can’t believe you did it man. By the way, I’m obsessing over Christopher Lowman and Daniel Heckter collections. Love this college student and 90-s style. Also, I like the choice of modals at General Idea and Matiere shows – so unusual. Not sure that I understand R. Swiader style. To my mind, it’s too pretentious and extravagant.


  41. Tandya Stewart
    2017-08-24 at 02:49

    Thomas has done it again! You really did stretch yourself thin at NYFW! I cannot believe that you saw a total of 30 shows during 5 days! Sounds like a blast! My favorite collection that you were lucky enough to attend was David Hart! I love the Cuban flare and swag. These models could definitely have been members of a Cuban social club. Grungy Gentleman deserved an applause! I love that they are breaking stereotypes. Thanks for sharing all of these!


  42. Wanderlustts
    2017-08-24 at 04:24

    omg you really went hard!! that’s a lot of shows to push into your schedule in such a small period of time. I’m a huge fan of the Daniel Heckter collection, I think that’s definitely a style that I personally admire. You are like my own personal blog that I can go to, to get the entire recap of the fashion show I’ve been dying to go to myself! Honestly, amazing summary of the fashion show thomas, just like last time


  43. Jill
    2017-08-24 at 08:22

    Isn’t it funny that when you aren’t trying, is when you look the best!! It just means that your effortless style is uber chic 😉 Congrats on your feature.
    What a hectic Fashion Week you had – but I will say it was worth it as your wrap up of designers is fabulous! I am in love with the collection from Wood House, so on trend but also the pieces separately are timeless. I’m also loving the styles you’ve shown of Palmiers du Mal! Almost mesmerising… And what a location – The Rose Bar is my favourite to visit when I’m in town.
    Thanks for sharing!
    J. x

  44. maryam
    2017-08-25 at 23:22

    Oh, my! You must be very good at time management. I don’t know how you do it. I am sure at the end it’s all worth it. I love your photography and story telling as well. Will you be going to NYFW in September? Also, congrats on being featured on NY Times. Very impressive!

    xx, Maryam

  45. marcy
    2017-09-06 at 18:08

    I still don’t know how you manage to do so much on FW thats crazy 30 shows in 5 days is very tight Thomas. I hope you still enjoy it because I know it can get a little crazy and overwhelmed. Very interesting designs and collections too.