Copenhagen Fashion Week SS 18 + CIFF

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS 18 + CIFF


Although fashion fatigue was kicking in quite hard and this being my sixth fashion week within a short period of time, I couldn’t say no when I was invited to Copenhagen Fashion Week by the organizer CIFF, which stands for Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. That’s the uniqueness of CPH. They combine not only one, but two fashion fairs and have fashion shows baked in between and basically, it means you’re constantly networking or attending a fashion show and I do have to say I love the mix of the two elements. CIFF provided me with accommodation at the beautiful Bella Sky right next to CIFF and also had me on the list of all shows they held. As it’s a mixed week (male and female) I’ve only portrayed the male fashion I liked the most, although I got to see some really beautiful female fashion as well.

HALO released the Boot Camp collection for spring/summer 2018 at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Everyday life in the Special Forces revolves as much around discipline and precision as it does around hard physical exercise. Actions repeated to perfection and optimal gear are part of the arsenal when a unit goes into battle. The Boot Camp collection was designed for life behind enemy lines.

Han Kjøbnehavn was founded in 2008 in Copenhagen and focuses on simplicity, timeless design and handicraft. This is something they wanted to change this season by adding more dramatic features to the collection as well as tailoring – quite unusual to Scandinavian minimalism.

As for Henrik Vibskov, I already saw this show in Paris, and although it didn’t blow my mind away just as much as the AW17 collection did,  it had some real gems in it such as the unisex red/pink striped outfit to the left. It was a show held in Charlottenburg Palace close to midnight so the atmosphere was truly magical.

Martin Asbjörn is a newfound love of mine. Martin finds inspiration in the environment that surrounds him. The headquarters of Martin Asbjørn is situated in the old military neighbourhood in the heart of Copenhagen, close to some of the most impressive constructions of modern architecture. He is fascinated by the male attributes and how the modern man is portrayed in music and in films.

I also (barely) had time to pass by GRAM to have a look at their upcoming collection and to freshen up with cocktails. I was also (barely) having dinner with the GRAM guys afterwards, but had to hurry from there to the Henrik Vibskov presentation. Oh well, at least I had time for starters. Hah.

I also had time to pop by a wonderful drinks event arranged by Esprit and apparently me and Corinna had color coordinated our shorts and skirts. At this point I was really tired, which you can tell from the picture.

This outfit was captured by Fucking Young and their lovely Adriano Batista (who by the way is joining me to Vancouver Fashion Week in the end of September).

This outfit was captured by Viktor from VS Photography and I loved his caption for it. ”Thomas Falkenstedt is on track”…


  1. Mariann yip
    2017-09-03 at 21:29

    After reading your recap, I am both excited but a little anxious for NYFW. My first event is this Wednesday and I’m already getting a little overwhelmed after looking at my schedule. But like you mentioned, you sometimes can’t say no to certain events. Love your stylish but causal outfit and thanks again for sharing your experiences!

  2. Anthony @oh_anthonio
    2017-09-04 at 00:53

    I didn’t even realize how many of these brands I knew! Great round up and I’m definitely feeling a lot of these designs!

  3. Candace
    2017-09-04 at 04:52

    You make my year of only attending 1 fashion show seem so small compared to you going to so many and being exhausted haha. I am exhausted already and haven’t even left for NYFW yet. I think my favorite collection you shared here is the Martin Asbjörn one. There’s just something about neutral layers that I can’t get enough of. You’re looking quite dapper yourself in both of your looks. I love that longline bomber you’re wearing in the first look!

  4. Samjah
    2017-09-04 at 05:57

    Those shoes looked super cool but those shoes you posted caught my eye! I could really see you rocking those with your unique style. Oh and I need both of those bags you are carrying! Seems like you really enjoyed yourself!

  5. Kamen Kamenov
    2017-09-04 at 07:31

    Hey babe…. u did it once again… beautiful blogpost…insightful and thrilling …. as they all are… love the designers and their take on what is in. But the best runway model is still … YOU ?

    2017-09-04 at 12:11

    I SO wish I was there! Copenhagen is so stylish so I hope to make it next season… Loving the coat you’re wearing!

    Tatyana x

  7. Jennifer Quattrucci
    2017-09-04 at 13:38

    Dear ( My) Tommy,
    Such outstanding fashion from both the shows and you! This is a phenomenal display of awesomeness! Really such an honor that you were asked by the organizer of CIFF to attend and the fashion is delightful to see. I really love the Boot Camp inspired collection at Halo and the red/pink striped unisex look at Henrik Vibskov. My favorite of everything is you in this last outfit captured by Viktor !
    All my love,
    (Your) Jenny

  8. Samantha Mariko
    2017-09-04 at 14:20

    You look so fly in that long cardigan, Thomas! That must have been a busy time for you, flying around to all the fashion weeks. But I must say, Copenhagen fashion is really elegant, even the mens’ styles. I’ve never really seen mens’ outfits with so much beige or ruffles like in the Henrik Vibskov collection, or those pretty gold-printed slip ons! Looks like you had an amazing time over there 🙂

  9. Suzanne Spiegoski
    2017-09-04 at 18:17

    You’re always so stylish, Thomas! Copenhagen Fashion Week looks fantastic! I love all of the mens’ styles and collections you showed us, and the food and cocktails also look so tasty and chic! Looks like you had a blast! Can’t wait to see more upcoming posts on fashion ’month’! xo, Suzanne~

  10. Kallie
    2017-09-04 at 21:38

    Wow Copenhagen’s fashion week looked amazing! As always you looked amazing and I loved that coat in the very last photo…your style is always On Point!!!

  11. Gracie
    2017-09-04 at 22:23

    Thomas I envy you. I love fashion week anywhere. I am heading to NY Fashion Week on Wednesday. Looks like you had an incredible time. Loved all your outfits.


  12. Gina Diaz
    2017-09-04 at 23:36

    Sixth fashion week is quite a lot and I’m sure that you have gained lots of inspiration by all of these terrific collections and styles. You look totally awesome in these pictures, Thomas. I love the last shot and outfit. It is so stunning.

    sending much love, hope you feel much better by now! xx. Gina

  13. Meg
    2017-09-05 at 01:03

    Wow, I don’t know how you did it! Six fashion shows sure is a lot and I’m sure it was draining, but it is amazing to see so many different designers and their newest styles. I love what you shared! It’s so interesting to see the different styles at each city’s fashion show.

  14. Amy
    2017-09-05 at 04:31

    Copenhagen fashion week sounds so amazing! I always love anything fashion and I’m always intrigued to see different types of fashion styles in different parts of the world. I have been to Copenhagen before, but haven’t been to fashion week there. It must be so fun and interesting. I love the different outfit styles that you shared here and I really love that long grey colored overcoat that you are wearing, so stylish and love how you paired it with the rest of your outfit! 🙂
    -Amy K.

  15. Simonetta Lein
    2017-09-05 at 04:41

    I really like the style of your blog, clean and on point-good job

  16. candi
    2017-09-05 at 05:41

    Def wish I was there! It all sounds so interesting! Thanks for always sharing:) The outfits are so interesting but I especially love that last outfit you pose ”on track” – that cardigan is gorgeous! Bet you’re having lots of fun!!

    xo candi

  17. Sheree
    2017-09-05 at 08:30

    I have no idea how you did it and keep going after all these traveling and shows. I would be positively exhausted and refused to get out of bed by now. But Copenhagen show looked amazing. Martin is also my favorite of the ones shown here, I’m a sucker for trench coat looks, what can I say. Your ”on track” look is better than described, I would cozy up to this coat in a heartbeat!! Come cuddle me!!!! j/k (ok maybe just a big bear hug then)

    xo Sheree

  18. Aimara
    2017-09-05 at 14:50

    How could you say not to that!!!??? Just an excuse to travel and keep doing what you love 🙂
    Loved your outfit and the photo!
    I think based on these photos, my favorites would be HALO and Henrik Vibskov!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Kirsten Wendlandt
    2017-09-05 at 15:39

    Thomas I don’t know how you do it!! 8 fashion weeks has got to be as exhausting as it is exciting! You’ve done such an amazing job at capturing all of these for us, and I feel as though I almost went to them with you (but without all the exhaustion!). I absolutely love the outfits you wore, especially the last one with the long sweater! Hope you get to rest soon and thanks so much for taking us on this journey with you!

  20. Open Kloset
    2017-09-05 at 17:09

    Ohhh you are the King of The Fashion Weeks:) Really:) You always do a lot and Just love to read your Recaps:)
    HALO IS my Favorite:)
    And your Look:) Ohhh Loved the Style and the Bag tooo:)
    Love Kisses

  21. Sweet as fiction
    2017-09-05 at 18:07

    This is such a great round up! Love a lot of these designers. How did you manage to keep yourself energized with 6 fashion weeks in a short time? I would need a lot of vitamins! It was all definitely worth it though. Great post as always.

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  22. Eva
    2017-09-05 at 19:49

    Love your captured pics The best for me is captured by Fucking Young, because here I see the real you. Talking about the FashionShow I like more Martin Asbjörn .

  23. Christine Kong
    2017-09-06 at 04:02

    I can’t believe you are still going strong after all these travels and fashion weeks! Wow, I am so impressed by your energy which is also driven by your true passion for fashion. What a fabulous experience to be invited to Copenhagen’s Fashion Week and put up in a hotel as well. You look amazing and I die for that floor sweeping grey coat! Hopefully you can get some time at home and rest before the Vancouver shows. xoxo, Christine

  24. Sharon
    2017-09-06 at 06:45

    wow!! 6 fashion show is intense but this looks like so much fun! Love the choice of outfits, everything is so gorgeous.

  25. Bernice
    2017-09-06 at 06:53

    Oh my goodness I absolutely love the designs by Henrik Vibskov! I love the muted, tertiary colour scheme that would look create as resort wear, or just something comfy to wear daily while still being stylish. The linear designs have me in love!

    Bernice | IG@bunnybernice—24karat-Gold-Facial

  26. Charissa
    2017-09-06 at 09:35

    Looove the ”Thomas Falkenstedt is on track”-photo and coat. You rock it darlin’.
    I can’t wait to go explore Copenhagen myself, fashionweek included. The men’s fashion looks great. Thanks for sharing!
    XO Charissa –

  27. marcy
    2017-09-06 at 18:32

    Definitely you are the FW king Thomas!! I really would love to see a post of how you manage to stay so energetic and do so many FW like tips, etc.. I’m sure will be very interesting to read. As always love your FW outfits.


  28. Lana
    2017-09-07 at 07:15

    Denmark designers are so unique. I really like Henrik Vibskov collection.
    Can imagine how exhausting it is to visit so many shows and have so many flight in a short period of time, but from the other hand – what a great experience! Your outfits are amazing, I mostly love the coat from the last picture.

  29. Jo
    2017-09-07 at 14:42

    Love your outfits for Copenhagen Fashion Week! Viktor from VS Photography definitely had it spot on with that caption. What cool collections from the men’s runway. Sounded and looked like a fun event.

    xo, Jo

  30. Sharon Wu
    2017-09-07 at 22:11

    6th fashion week already!? That’s crazy! I don’t know how you’re not exhausted to death yet as I think I would be LOL. But it all looks totally worth it as it looks like you had a blast. Plus, the styles modeled at the shows are incredible! I am absolutely loving that long grey coat you’re wearing in your last photo. I’m heading to Chicago end of this month and it’s going to be a lot colder than it is here in PS… I think I need to borrow it! lol xo, sharon

  31. Madcatfashion
    2017-09-09 at 11:06

    Wow I absolutely love the collection. I always thought men’s fashion is more difficult to style and boring (no offence but for us is just much more choices) but your photos showing me how much I’m wrong x

  32. Aleksandra Ladygin
    2017-09-09 at 16:12

    You look in the and on the post is absolutely amazing! Good job!

  33. Coco
    2017-09-09 at 19:59

    I’m mesmerised by Martin Asbjörn collection, my absolute favourite. And your outfits my friend were as always on point! The last one with the long coat is to fall in love with! So next stop Vancouver right? I love following your fashion adventures! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  34. Hadasah Love
    2017-09-10 at 16:38

    First of all, you look awesome and definitely on track. Also, I love you got to experience this event as it seems really amazing. Like you I loved the unisex red/pink striped outfit. Thank you for sharing!!


  35. Dom
    2017-09-11 at 02:34

    My dear brother Tommy,
    Here we go again with another amazing fashion week recap. I swear you need to take a break once all these shows are over. I always love how you recap all the shows and collections! I am really digging the Martin Asbjörn, love love love. Also, I love your coat bro, the one in the last pic! SHARE with me when we see each other k, haha. You don’t have to,but… LOL.
    Love you!
    Your brother, Dom

  36. Helen Chik
    2017-09-11 at 10:22

    I love how different these collections you’ve shared all are and how lucky you get to go to all these fashion weeks! I had to cancel Milan this year because of the baby so maybe next year I’ll finally make it over to one of the international FWs!

    Also loving that long cardigan of yours! It looks so comfy and a great statement to your casual but cool look 😉

    Helen xx

  37. Iliana
    2017-09-11 at 14:56

    I always get excited for you fashion week posts. I almost feels like I was there hahaha
    Sadly this year I had to say to no NYFW because of school commitments. Nonetheless thank you for giving us a peak.
    I love all the designers but Martin Asbjörn was my favorite – super soft and versatile.
    It looks like you had so much fun and you outfit like always FIREEE

    Iliana |

  38. Stephanie Konkle
    2017-09-11 at 14:57

    So amazing that you’ve been able to go to so many fashion weeks! Loving the collections – especially the red/striped outfit!
    Also, love your FW looks!

    xo, Steph

  39. Morgan
    2017-09-11 at 17:12

    Wow these outfits are so awesome. Loving the mix of patterns and colors. Copenhagen Fashion Week looked like it was an incredible time!

  40. Diana
    2017-09-11 at 18:19

    Usually when I attend fashion weeks, I barely have time to eat or snack anything and extremely lose my weight. It is probably a best thing of fashion week, that I don’t need to worry that I need to exercise. Haha. Anyway, thank you for introducing us to Copenhagen FW, some of designer names I never heard of or maybe cuz I read mostly articles about NY & Paris. I need to discover other fashion weeks too.

  41. Stephanie
    2017-09-12 at 02:54

    Typically I can easily chose a favorite piece or designer during fashion week round-ups, but this time I don’t think I’d be able to. All the styles are so unique and I really love where each designer was coming from. It sounds like while you may have been (or still are) beyond tired, you still had a fantastic time. I can’t believe you’ve gone to six fashion weeks now! Goodness, I’ll be coming to you for advice whenever I get to attend my first, that’s for sure haha!

  42. Tandya
    2017-09-12 at 03:46

    That’s so sweet that the organizer of CIFF invited you to the Copenhagen Fashion Week! I would have loved to see the womens fashion as well! The men shows you highlighted look amazing! I love how Martin Asbjörn finds inspiration in the environment, and uses earthy tones. The sliders and drinks also look amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  43. Nataly
    2017-09-12 at 12:37

    Looks like you had a wonderful time at fashion week! I love this blog post and the re-cap! Beautifully done!

  44. Megan @ Lush to Blush
    2017-09-12 at 12:54

    This looks like so much fun! The looks you highlighted were amazing! Those drinks look pretty yummy too 😉 Love that last pic of you!

  45. michelle
    2017-09-12 at 14:18

    OMG those pro shots of you are epic! Looks like you are killing it at every fashion week you attend. And I have to say, I almost like the parties and presentations better than the runways. Always yes to free food and swag LOL. I don’t know how you’re still functioning. I’m already about to pass out from just a few days at NYFW…

  46. Rachael Thomas
    2017-09-12 at 14:56

    Oh my goodness, six fashion weeks? I get tired just thinking about one! What an honor to be invited my CIFF, and I’m loving your Copenhagen round up. I can see why you love Martin Asbjorn, definitely my favorite from your roundup. I’m also loving your looks, and that long coat is perfect!

  47. Caitlin
    2017-09-12 at 19:19

    Six fashion weeks?!?!! WOW!!! I just got back from NYFW – the designs from Copenhagen are so different but I love them!

  48. Life of a Sister
    2017-09-12 at 20:00

    First off so jealous you go to go to Fashion Week! And loving all of these looks!

  49. kileen
    2017-09-13 at 03:30

    wow, 6 fashion weeks!! that sounds amazing! loving the roundup and all of your outfits!

    cute & little

  50. Kristin
    2017-09-13 at 04:10

    So many awesome new looks from these collections! I’m especially loving the sneaks with the metallic accents.

  51. Victoria Hoang
    2017-09-13 at 06:59

    What a fun fashion show. Thank you for sharing the experience Thomas. I especially love the 2 outfits you put together at the end. ?

  52. Darya
    2017-09-13 at 16:14

    Hey Thomas,

    That’s a no-brainer that you got tired after attending six fashion weeks. I can’t imagine how I would feel if it happened to me ? I’m stoked about a collection of Martin Asbjörn. A perfect trench coat combined with gray pants – that’s what I want my man to wear. Needless to say, you are looking absolutely awesome in this cardigan!


  53. Kyleigh McCollam
    2017-09-13 at 19:21

    You are truly an inspiration! I would love to attend. You are really killing the fashion game with your awesome style and ambition! Keep up the amazing work!!

  54. Rachel Holliday
    2017-09-14 at 00:46

    You are like the king of fashion weeks Thomas! Copenhagen fashion week looks incredible and its shows like this that have me so intrigued by Scandinavian design and fashion. I really like Henrik Vibskov, I could seriously see myself wearing some of these menswear pieces!

    Your street style looks are so on point too- I adore the long gray coat.

    Rachel xx

  55. Jill
    2017-09-14 at 02:24

    I LOVE your trend posts after Fashion Week… but I can understand how tough 6 weeks of shows would be. Well done getting through it all. I have never been to Copenhagen but I would love to go.

    J. x

    BTW – you look awesome. I love your outfit!

  56. Jordan Chapman
    2017-09-14 at 22:37

    You’re a real trooper for heading off to 6 fashion weeks in a row! I don’t think I could make it through 3 without a break! I love the outfits from Martin Asbjörn though, they’re so nice and versatile!
    Jordan xx

  57. Jacqueline
    2017-09-15 at 01:05

    Okay first of all you look like a badass in the coat. LIKE DAMN! Haha. And also you’re crazy busy these days. I can’t believe you have been to so many fashion weeks in the last few weeks. All exciting stuff! Anyway I could see why Martin Asbjörn is your newfound love. It’s got Thomas written all over it. Now go get some sleep. And send me some of that food and cocktails.

  58. Rachel Vogt
    2017-09-17 at 19:00

    Loving the new styles for Fall. Also, you looked like you had such an amazing time. Love all of your outfits, too.

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