A postcard from Greece

A postcard from Greece


If you’ve followed the blog for a while you probably have noticed my absence and instead of chronologically posting what I’ve been up to since my last post, I’m jumping right into the last thing I did, that is, spending a week on Mykonos, an island in the Greek archipelago. A week where I totally disconnected from the world and felt immensely good doing so. The past couple of years I have been working 24/7. First I combined a fulltime day job with social media = no life, then I went on to pursuing social media among other things full time instead which also resulted in no life. I had forgotten the most important part of my existence, to do things that make me happy. I’m not saying life is a walk in the park all the time, nor do I say life is even supposed to be easy, but I’m saying we should never forget to actually enjoy life. Enjoying life is something I’ve neglected and hence my vacation to Mykonos came with perfect timing. To be honest, it might have been just a tad late as I still feel overwhelmed with the thought of getting back to work.

In my day job I had 30 days paid vacation (yay Sweden), but all those days I spent working on becoming what I am today. I actually had to think about when I last had a real vacation. I’m not talking about trips. I have 124 flights and counting behind me this year, but those were mostly business related. I’m talking about real vacation where your body and mind get to relax. I counted back and ended up realizing that I haven’t been on a real vacation since 2004 when I went to the Dominican Republic to do absolutely nothing. That’s 13 years ago. That’s 13 years of self neglecting. I have been on city get-aways and mini-vacays, but nothing that has allowed my mind to reset, let alone sit down and read books and just tan. Without further to do I’ll actually let the pictures speak for themselves. Now I’m slowly trying to get back to work, all rested out. What I need now is to realize I’m back in the real world, not on that dreamy island, which already feels like a dream somewhere far, far away. And no worries, that lobster color I obtained during my vacation is now a lovely tan which keeps me remembering the good days I had over there.

Photographer: Themis Iakovakis


  1. Mariann yip
    2017-10-10 at 14:54

    Mykonos is on my list because it seems like such a gorgeous and relaxing place. I’m glad you were able to take this time to focus on yourself and take a break from blogging. It’s important to have goals and hustle but it’s equally as important for self care. I admire your drive because I think we have that in common. I can’t wait to go to Greece one day!

  2. Christine Kong
    2017-10-10 at 23:43

    I am so happy that you actually took a real vacation and relaxed! And what a perfect place to do it in! I have been wanting to go to Greece for years now and it is definitely on my list of places I have to go (maybe next year). These photos are beautiful and I am obsessed with all the white in Mykonos. But truly what is important is that you finally took some time for yourself. 13 years is WAY too long to neglect enjoying some ”you” time and really putting off work. While it is great that you have kept yourself busy and successful and have so much to show for it, you definitely need to take a moment and also appreciate what you’ve done and relax. I hope it isn’t another 13 years before you do this again Thomas! xoxo, Christine

  3. Nicole
    2017-10-11 at 00:16

    Oh wow, going to Greece is definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  4. Gracie
    2017-10-11 at 00:54

    Ah we missed you Thomas. Glad you are back and had a great vacation. Your photography is beautiful. Cannot wait to go to Greece.


  5. Megan @ Lush to Blush
    2017-10-11 at 01:23

    Ahhhh I’m leaving for Greece next week and I can’t wait! So happy that you were able to take a break and relax 🙂

  6. Darlene Anderson
    2017-10-11 at 01:26

    Hi Thomas,

    I love Greece and has been always my dream to go here. You’ve been fortunate to travel and explore the world thru your blog. It’s also nice to take a break from the blog. I think a lot of bloggers including myself took a month break from blogging and slowly just getting back. So I totally feel you.

    Wishing you a great holiday and welcome back online.


  7. Anthony @oh_anthonio
    2017-10-11 at 01:28

    Good for you for giving yourself some time! I visited Mykonos a few years ago and the island is so beautiful you’re making me miss it! Glad you had time to recharge!

  8. Kileen
    2017-10-11 at 02:24

    This place is so beautiful. So awesome that you got to unplug for a bit and live!
    Greece is definitely on my list of places to visit this year!

    cute & little

  9. Jessica Sheppard
    2017-10-11 at 02:40

    Wow! Your pics are amazing. Greece looks like a stunning getaway. Doesn’t even look real. Yay for a fab time of rest.

  10. Gina Diaz
    2017-10-11 at 04:14

    I am so happy that you truly rest and enjoyed your time in Mykonos, Thomas! you deserved it because I know you work so hard day and night. I love Greece and can’t wait to go back to visit this beautiful Island. I only visited Santorini a few years ago and I fell in love with it. All the pictures are so so beautiful and you look fabulous as ever, my beautiful friend! xx. Gina

  11. Kamen Kamenov
    2017-10-11 at 05:34

    Hey babe… yes it is a long time… but I know you have been busy and working nonstop. And I have told u so many times… ”take time for yourself”…. so I was so happy as I saw that you finally did and visited that beautiful place. I love Greece in general…. the people… the weather… the crystal clear sea and that raw energy…. do not get me start on the food…. which is basically heaven. I see already that that vacation was the best thing for you, since you look well rested and ready for new adventures. I am happy u are back though… haha. Stay safe and do not overwork yourself ❤

  12. Luke
    2017-10-11 at 07:46

    Wow, what a gorgeous looking landscape. I’ve never been to Mykonos as I’ve always felt it was too busy and full of tourists but you have managed to capture it with a sense of beauty and calmness. Plus talk about photo opportunities! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    2017-10-11 at 09:22

    Ah I’m so happy you got some time to switch off! A topic I’m actually discussing on my blog this week, but nonetheless… You look so relaxed, happy and handsome! LOVE Greece x

  14. Nataly
    2017-10-11 at 12:41

    I have always wanted to visit Greece! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful photos!

  15. Taylor Aube
    2017-10-11 at 13:14

    I’m glad you got to have a proper vacation, and Greece is the best way to do it! I love all of your pictures, they are so dreamy!

  16. Courtney Andrews
    2017-10-11 at 14:06

    Greece is at the very top of my bucket list. Every time I see photos from there, I have an urge to pack by bags right away! I’m glad you had a relaxing vacation and gave yourself some time to unwind. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us!

  17. Caitlin
    2017-10-11 at 16:49

    Mykonos is high on my ”need to see” list. I love the bright whites and blues! Gorgeous photos. I hope you continue to take meaningful vacations and have some deserved mental relaxation in the future!

  18. Samjah
    2017-10-11 at 16:54

    There are so many beautiful places on this earth that I haven’t seen yet but thanks to your blog I get to live vicariously through you. This place is absolutely breathtaking! It seems your time away was a little beneficial because you are looking refreshed and you have a certain glow about you. Maybe it’s the tan lol. I do understand getting so heavily involved in business that you forget to live. But we must practice self care often so that we can continue to give 100% to our passions. Welcome back boo!

  19. Sheree
    2017-10-11 at 17:26

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve starting taking time for yourself to clear your mind and begin enjoying life. I definitely understand how overwhelming it can be to constantly busy. A vacation like this is the perfect getaway to refresh your outlook on life. It looks like you had a pretty amazing time! These photos are absolutely incredible, and your style pairs very nicely with the Greek architecture.

    ~xo Sheree

  20. samira
    2017-10-11 at 21:46

    oh my goodness! your photos are so gorgeous! I have always wanted to go to Greece and this post made me want to go even more! It is next on my list 🙂 vacations are definitely needed to clear your head and relax!

    Xo, Samira

  21. Jennifer Quattrucci
    2017-10-11 at 23:00

    Dear (My) Tommy,
    Wow! These pictures most certainly do speak for themselves! Each one is more stunning than the last and although Greece is beautiful and you’ve captured Mykonos so beautifully you are the one stealing the scene! How do you get more handsome with each post ? What’s your secret? Is it that you know exactly how to live and enjoy life to it’s fullest extent? I’m glad you took this time for yourself and I’m especially glad you shared it with all of us!! I really missed you!!
    Your Jenny

  22. Tanya
    2017-10-12 at 00:28

    Thomas, your photos are absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to visit Greece but now I know it has to be my next trip! I will come to you for a travel guide 🙂 haha. But you are right, it’s SO easy to get wrapped up in our every day lives that we forget that our mind and body need a mental break. I try to take a mental break once a week, to unwind and recharge. Our mind is just as important as anything else and we have to preserve it! Thank you for taking me on a mini dream trip haha xx

  23. Simonetta Lein
    2017-10-12 at 02:02

    Taking a real vacation and enjoy is so important. I have never been to Mykonos but I have been to Greece and it is an amazing place. Thank you for sharing all those pictures, it gives me that extra push to go and visit

  24. kathryn
    2017-10-12 at 02:50

    Mykonos is on my bucket list! It looks absolutely stunning!!! Love all of the pics!

  25. marcy
    2017-10-12 at 11:35

    You choose such a great location Thomas!! Greece its paradise and the perfect place to relax! I actually want to visit Mykonos because I never been but looks such a dream and photogenic! LOVE all your pictures!!

  26. Jo
    2017-10-12 at 20:47

    These pictures are stunning, better than some post cards I’ve seen in stores. I am so happy you finally had some great ”me” time after all these hectic years. Hope you are well rested and relaxed as I sure miss reading your blog posts. Looking forward to your amazing contents created by you!

  27. Rachel Vogt
    2017-10-12 at 20:51

    Oh how fun, i was in Santorini & Mykonos 2 weeks ago. Love visiting Greece. Loving all of your outfits and pictures, make me want to go back. @rachelvogttrends

  28. Sweet as Fiction
    2017-10-12 at 21:56

    Omg your post is totally spot on with where I’ve been with life and work. I’ve taken a break as well. Its really so necessary to disconnect from all things social media and be with yourself once in awhile. Mykonos is the perfect place for that. Super jealous. Gorgeous photos. Hope you had a blast 🙂

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  29. Karina
    2017-10-12 at 22:09

    Hey Dear Thomas,
    I am happy that you are Back, and you had some relaxing time in Mykonos:)
    Santorini and Mykonos is on my bucket list, sooo Gorgeous Both:)
    Your Photos are Amazing Thomas:)
    I am going to Madeira for Some mini vacaton:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  30. Samantha Mariko
    2017-10-13 at 11:47

    Thomas, I’m really glad you did this for yourself. Reading about how much you’ve been working and putting your work first for the past couple of years .. it’s like damn, anyone would say you need a vacation haha. Greece looks splendid, and it’s been one of my top travel destinations ever since I could remember (I love Greek architecture and mythology). Well I was checking back a few times to see if you had posted anything new so I’m glad you are back 🙂
    xo Samantha

  31. Georgia
    2017-10-14 at 08:34

    Those photos are beautiful. Greece looks incredible. I hope you get on your next vacation sooner.

  32. Meg
    2017-10-14 at 23:36

    I am SO jealous of you and this trip. I have been dying to go to Greece for so long now. And you totally deserved such an awesome trip. I hope you had an amazing time!

  33. Valeria
    2017-10-15 at 20:47

    Dear Thomas I knew you were going on vacation and honestly it was about time! I know how working for a company and having a blog can be engaging (that’s what I’m doing right now), and I know how fashion weeks can be devastating for your body and mind. You are having a huge success and I’m honestly happy that, instead of becoming greedy, you took some time to relax and focus on your well being. I hope you will take a vacation more regularly now! I haven’t been to Mykonos but to other Greek islands. There’s so much blue to breathe out there, to fill your lungs and soul with relax. Take it easy my friend. Looking forward to your next posts! Ps. Your travelling style was impeccable in its minimalism. Love, Valeria

  34. Keyma
    2017-10-16 at 02:02

    I absolutely love the shots you shared with us. Thank you for actually snapping a few and sharing even though you were on vacation and not working. It’s so important that we find time to rest, recoup, and revive our energy and where better than Greece.

  35. Sharon
    2017-10-16 at 06:14

    That sounds so amazing. It feels so good to just disconnect sometimes! Glad you are back!

  36. Suzanne Spiegoski
    2017-10-16 at 15:11

    It has always been a dream of mine to visit Greece and your post makes me want to even more now! Looks like such a magical place to disconnect from the world and unwind. Beautiful photos, Thomas! xo, Suzanne~

  37. Stephanie Konkle
    2017-10-16 at 15:16

    Beautiful photos! Greece looks so amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit.

    xo, Steph

  38. Valeria
    2017-10-16 at 18:56

    My dear Thomas, I left a comment yesterday but sadly it didn’t go through. I wanted so much to leave a comment under this post to tell you how glad I am you finally took a vacation after so many years. Being able to disconnect from everything is a challenge, and you won it. You must be very proud of your huge success, resulting from your hard work and from building everything from scratch. What took you to ground zero made you so strong and wise, I want to hug you for what you have accomplished with your willpower. Mykonos is one of the most loved Greek Islands: I visited Rhodi twice and Crete, but I’d love to explore more . All that blue is good for the soul! Tons of love! Valeria

  39. Candace
    2017-10-17 at 06:09

    I am so glad you were finally able to take time for yourself. A lot of times that’s all we need to reconnect and to get reinspired. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. It looks like you had a great time, but I am glad you’re back to share those wonderful outfits and stories with us as you always do. You have been missed here!

  40. Rachael Sia
    2017-10-17 at 11:01

    Wow Mykonos looks like a dream! Looks like you’ve had such a great time!

  41. Kristin Taylor
    2017-10-17 at 12:34

    We all need a disconnect now and then, especially from our jobs and social media. You picked such a gorgeous place to do it!

  42. Lana
    2017-10-17 at 13:34

    13 years non-stop? You are such a hard worker! Yes, you have to push yourself and have some rest sometimes. just to fill yourself with an energy. I’m glad that you’ve had such a great vacation. Mykonos is a very nice island.
    Your pictures are amazing!

  43. Eva
    2017-10-17 at 20:24

    Hello Thomas!
    A great welcome, I missed you sweetie . I’m really glad you spent a good vacation at Mykonos . I hope you get relax and felt good .
    Wish you a new energy and sometimes stop and take a little time for yourself .
    Sending love from Italy

  44. Madcatfashion
    2017-10-18 at 10:09

    Greece! My favourite holiday destination. I just came back from Rhodes. I’m on love with your photos.

  45. Kirsten Wendlandt
    2017-10-18 at 13:56

    Oh wow Mykonos looks like such a beautiful place, I’m so jealous! I’ve only been to Greece once (Corfu) and I know I want to go back sometime soon. Everything just looks so beautiful there! It looks like you had an amazing time, and you needed it after all the fashion week craziness!

  46. Kyleigh McCollam
    2017-10-19 at 07:53

    What a gorgeous place!! Just wow! It’s so awesome you got to go on a little vacay as beautiful as this to unwind. Def on my bucket list!!

  47. Dom Baza
    2017-10-20 at 01:41

    My dear brother Tommy,
    I am so happy to see your back on here, but even happier to see you took a much needed vacation. You have been needing some you time, and you sure as hell got it. I need to go to Greece one day for sure. But this post and your beautiful photos have me feel like i’m right there with you. Damn, I need a nap now, cause these vacay vibes have me wanting to chill. I miss you and we need to vacay one day k. Hope your still feeling relaxed a little.
    Love you,

  48. candi
    2017-10-20 at 08:36

    I was just in Greece too, but in Santorini and Athens, haha! Glad you took a vacation, you seemed so burned out from all the flying around from all the fashion week events you went to! I love your pictures, they remind me of Santorini and that puts such a smile on my face! Btw, you’re so stylish even while on holiday – major props!! I missed Mykonos this time due to time constraints, but I’m definitely planning a trip there one day! I hope you’re re-energized now, and look forward to seeing all your new posts soon xx


  49. Gail
    2017-10-20 at 13:32

    Mykonos is so beautiful – definitely a place i’d like to visit. It’s so important to reset the mind and do nothing sometimes. Glad you had a great time! The photos are stunning!

  50. Bernice
    2017-10-21 at 11:55

    Aw so happy you got to experience Mykonos without being plagued by the responsibilities of social media!

  51. kallie
    2017-10-23 at 16:57

    Love this post! I am dying to go to Greece some day. Your photos are so amazing and make me want to go even more!


  52. Jo
    2017-10-23 at 19:47

    I know exactly how you’re feeling after a vacation when you have to adjust to getting back to routine and work. I always find it so difficult to get back in the swing of things. You must let us know any tips you have because I would totally like to do what you’ve done and take a trip where I can unplug! Just writing and reading it sounds like bliss! Greece is so beautiful. Definitely want to make this my next destination.

    xo, Jo

  53. Lavenda
    2017-11-02 at 15:39

    Sounds like it was a relaxing time. Beautiful photos.

  54. Theo Michael
    2017-11-05 at 18:41

    Yes! Greece is always a great choice to make memories with a blue as background!
    I like your post am a lifestyle blogge too on
    I will like to keep in touch I like your vibe on your posts!
    See ya
    Teo from Atenes

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