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[:en]Qbic Hotel London[:]

[:en]Qbic Hotel London[:]


[:en]As I travel around the world I try to avoid the big hotel operators and try to find small boutique hotels that are a bit edgy and different from the mainstream… well, to put it right out there, junk. So when traveling to London this time I decided on staying at this lovely hotel that I found through googling called Qbic Hotel. I was a bit hesitant as it was situated in East London and I’d never neither stayed or actually even visited those parts of London as I’d probably be referred to one of em West End girls (anyone remember Pet Shop Boys?). But I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did. Both the hotel itself was lovely, and the location couldn’t have been better. I totally LOVED the neighborhood!

iphone-image-f8b854 My room was really spacious although I went for the mid-range price called ‘Cosy’ and despite the lack of a couch and some other stuff that comes with their largest rooms mine came with all the amenities I could have possibly wished for. That huge bed was amazing to just rest in after long days of photo shoots, meetings and shopping. And no, they didn’t have a complimentary Louis goodie bag on the bed, that was some shopping I left there, haha.

iphone-image-f8b889There was plenty of space in some really original storage designs that I assume vary from room to room, but mine was some sort of construction made out of planks of wood designed by Sander Bokknga. I loved the rustic feel of it in contrast to the minimalistic bathroom and white walls in the room.
iphone-image-f8b848The bathroom came with a lovely rain shower and was way fresh. Actually I was surprised to find a bathroom of this standard in London at this rate.
iphone-image-f8b836Cute inspirational (and other) quotes could be found all over the hotel. This one was next to the tap in my bathroom. 🙂
iphone-image-f8b840To all the techies out there, and for the rest of Europe which Britain is apparently no longer part of (won’t rant any more about Brexit now), they actually provide both British and European sockets so you’re in no need of adapters. There’s free high speed Wi-Fi all over, a TV (duh), and a hairdryer which is always a bonus. qbic-hotel-london-eat-drink-06Then there’s the gorgeous space that contains both a restaurant (you can basically eat all your meals here as they serve food basically 24/7), bar and a lounge area. If you’re feeling peckish you could go down the street and get some chips (crisps if you prefer) at Tesco which makes you feel like a true Brit. The Qbic Hotel is totally into ecological thinking. Every single detail is thought through to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They even reward you with a drink at the bar if you refrain from having your room cleaned. All you have to do is to hang the cute teddy (below) on the door. All in all, Qbic Hotel surpassed my expectations both regarding the hotel itself and locationwise. I will definitely come back here soon! iphone-image-f8b8b2[:]